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Why is Sonic so fast?

Why is Sonic so Fast?

If you are a fan of video games, then you must have played (at least once) the one with this famous hedgehog, as the main protagonist. Created in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog became one of the most popular video game mascots released by Sega Corporation (a multinational video game software and hardware development company, and …

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Is Megatron a Prime?

Why Did Megatron Turn Evil?

Supervillains, wherever they come from, are always interesting. In fiction, they are usually very powerful and their stories, especially their origins, are always a fun thing and usually give a good representation of the creativity of the authors. Today, we are going to talk about one such story, as you are going to find out …

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Do Transformers Eat?

Do Transformers Eat?

As we all know too well, Transformers are robots that can transform into different types of vehicles, objects or even robotic imitations of living beings. Still, despite being completely mechanical, Transformers act like biological beings on several different levels and this is why their physiology is so interesting, and that is why we are going …

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Is Bumblebee Optimus Prime's Son?

Is Bumblebee Optimus Prime’s Son?

Parental and familial relationships are not the first things that are going to pop up in your head when you think about the Transformers franchise. They’re robots, they don’t have classical family trees, right? Well, you’re mostly correct if you assume that, but people still ask some interesting questions and we are here to answer …

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