Director Chad Stahelski Wants to Include a New Style of Sword Fighting in Upcoming ‘Highlander’ Reboot

Director Chad Stahelski Wants to Include a New 'Style of Sword Fighting in Upcoming 'Highlander' Reboot

A lot of older fans will remember Highlander very fondly. This 1986 fantasy movie starring Christopher Lambert as the titular Highlander, Connor MacLeod, became a massive hit and is still considered to be a proper cult classic even today, almost 40 years since the premiere. And while the movie spawned a whole franchise, none of the subsequent works managed to come even close to the original movie, with some of them being panned as some of the worst movies ever made. Now, Lionsgate is working on a reboot, as we have reported, with John Wick director Chad Stahelski directing, while Henry Cavill is poised to appear as the titular protagonist.

Not much is known about the movie at this point, but in a recent interview with Collider, director Staheski discussed his ideas and plans for the upcoming movie. We have already reported on some of his statements, as well as about the start of filming, but he revealed another interesting thing, which will make many sword fans happy!

On the one hand, you have Highlander, a majestic movie in which sword fighting was a major element. This art was one of the most important elements of the original movie, so when Stahelski decided to take on the project, he knew that he would have to focus on it. On the other hand, Stahelski is known for his intense action sequences, and his specific approach to such scenes is best seen in the John Wick series. Stahelski confirmed that he would be looking to find a balance between sword fighting and action scenes in the movie, but he also revealed that he is aware that he will have to be careful with what he does with the swords in the movie:

“Swords, to me, are of one of the trickiest things to do in fight scenes, because if I mess up too much with the firearm, the muzzle flashes are digital. So we don’t have to worry about hurting anyone. When we do car stuff, that’s also a big concern. But there’s ways now, cables that take some of the hazards out for the cast. Swords, it’s a little trickier because now I got to trust that my actors are swinging this piece of metal at each other, and hopefully not gonna take their eyes out or stab somebody. Every sword movie, somebody gets poked or hit on the head or something like that. It takes a little bit more skill and a little bit more dedication. So that’s always a concern. Sometimes a three-minute sword fight can be a little boring. So I’m more worried about, ‘Am I going to bore you with a movie about sword fighting?’ And how do I sprinkle in firearms, and martial arts, and car chases, and what’s the story part of things? I have to get all that as well.”

Source: Collider

This certainly sounds great, as Stahelski is aware that he has a legacy he needs to respect, and from what we can infer from these comments, Stahelski is going to do just that. But, it also seems like he is going to provide us with something new in this field:

“Most of our concerns now are not really about training cast. We’ve got that machine up and running, and I think we have the right cast. We have the right people. We have the right trainers. We’ve dug up some of the best sword people I’ve ever met in my life in the last six months, that are helping us. It’s more about how do you bring it all together and make it something. It’s not Princess Bride, it’s not Crouching Tiger, it’s not Master & Commander, it’s not Zorro. What’s this new look of action or sword fighting that people could be excited about? That keeps me up at night.”

Source: Collider

Be that as it may, we’re sure that Stahelski will figure something out. Based on everything we know, the film is going to pay its due respects to the original movie, but will also bring us something new, original and authentic, so we’re really looking forward to the project.

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