‘Chainsaw Man’ Is Ready to Shake Up the Story with a Reveal About Denji’s Identity!

'Chainsaw Man' Is Ready to Shake Up the Story with a Reveal About Denji's Identity!

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has become one of the most popular series in the world due to its interesting plot, how it breaks away from the traditions of its genre, and how it effectively blends well-known tropes with original content. And while the anime is currently on a break ahead of the release of Season 2, the manga is ongoing and it seems that the upcoming Chapter 162 is going to shake things up significantly, as a reveal is made about Denji’s secret identity in the series.

If you’re not fully up-to-date with the most recent dealings in the manga, we won’t be spoiling much, but this reveal was so important that we simply had to report about it, as it has the potential to significantly change the course of the story in the upcoming chapters.

As you probably remember, the fact that Denji is Chainsaw Man is known to us, the fans, but in-universe, it is a well-hidden secret for obvious reasons. Not many characters know about Denji’s secret identity and one of them is Asa Mitaka, who has become quite close with Denji in the current arc. And while Denji had an earlier moment when he admitted to Asa that he was actually Chainsaw Man, the girl did not believe him so officially, she did not know his secret identity.

But, as things stand, Chapter 162 finally and officially changes this, as Asa has seemingly been confronted with the truth that Denji is, indeed, Chainsaw Man. In the chapter, Asa and Fami head to the Tokyo Devil Detention Center, where the Chainsaw Man’s body is kept; he had been dismembered by the PSC, and his parts were split into several boxes so that he would not be a threat anymore. Of course, Asa’s group wanted to deal with the Chainsaw Man on their own terms, so they decided to break into the Center and put him back together so that they could kill him.

And, as they are opening the boxes, they discover the one containing Denji’s head in it. Shocked, the group who discovered it shows it to Asa, who is likewise shocked by this revelation.

This moment is certainly a game-changer for Chainsaw Man, as the series will definitely see some major upheavals in the future. What is going to happen and how? Well, we still don’t know, but we advise you to keep following us for more information, as it is certainly going to be interesting. We on Anime Horizon are going to bring you all the latest details so be sure to stick around if you want to find out the latest updates.

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