Chainsaw Man: Voice Actors & Staff Revealed

Chainsaw Man: Voice Actors & Staff Revealed

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Chainsaw Man is a manga series that has been around since 2018 and in 2022, we are finally going to see it adapted in the form of an anime. Chainsaw Man is one of the weirder series you’ll encounter in your life, but that makes it so special and that is why this series has become so popular. An anime adaptation was, until recently, scheduled for an unknown 2022 release date, but recently, it was confirmed that the series would be debuting in October 2022. Alongside that, the staff and voice actors for the upcoming series have been confirmed and we are going to introduce them to you.

Chainsaw Man anime staff

We’ll start off with this:

Yes, yes, you’re seeing it – a third trailer for the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime series has been released and it has finally confirmed that the anime is coming in just a couple of months, in October 2022. The trailer has revealed a lot of new scenes, but also some behind-the-scenes information, including the cast and staff. The staff of the upcoming anime is as follows:

• Director: Ryu Nakayama
• Script: Hiroshi Seko
• Character Design: Kazutaka Sugiyama
• Action Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara
• Music: Kensuke Ushio
• Animation Producer: Keisuke Seshita

This is basically a list of all the relevant crew members of the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime, and we are now going to see the voices behind the characters.

Chainsaw Man voice actors

So far, only the four main characters have been revealed and we currently know their Japanese voice actors. More names are sure to surface in the coming weeks and we are definitely going to update the article as these names appear. Currently, the situation looks like this:

CharacterVoice Actor
DenjiKikunosuke Toya
MakimaTomori Kusunoki
PowerShogo Sakata
Aki HayakawaFairouz Ai



Voice Actor: Kikunosuke Toya

After abandoning his contract with Pochita, Denji transformed himself into a full devil. In this form, Denji has incredible speed and strength, capable of defeating multiple Hybrid Devils in seconds. Although he has been shown to take damage and even slowed down by being sent to hell and hurled into space, these actions only stopped him for a few minutes before he returned unscathed.


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His immense power is even more evident in Hell, as it is implied that he defeated every demon residing there. Makima said that he killed them 26 times in this form. The form seems to lack Denji’s personality and consciousness, although it has been shown to retain some memories and often acts in accordance with them. After being defeated by Makima to save Kobeni, and later rescued by Power, Denji transformed back into his normal form and regained consciousness.


Kikunosuke Toya is a young Japanese voice actor born in 1998. His role of Denji in Chainsaw Man is his breakthrough role, and his other major roles include that of Osei Kiyoshima in Wind Boys!.



Voice Actress: Tomori Kusunoki

The full capacity of Makima’s abilities is largely unknown. She has demonstrated a variety of abilities that are either inherent to her as a devil or borrowed from other devils. Makima has shown that she can control any being she deems inferior and is even able to force them to make contracts with her or another devil.

It seems that once the victim is under her control, she loses her memory. This ability works on humans, animals, devils, fiends, and hybrids. She can channel the power of her victims by summoning them through a chain connected to her body. She has been shown to be able to use the abilities of Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil.

Even deceased people can be controlled in this way. Makima was able to form a group of weapon hybrids, three of which (Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man) were former enemies who were now affectionate towards her. This suggests that Makima can both control individuals and subtly change their personalities.


Tomori Kusunoki (Tokyo, Japan, December 22, 1999) is a Japanese seiyū who is currently linked to the Sony Music Artists agency. She made her debut as a seiyū in 2017. That same year she was cast as the voice of Kirara, the heroine of the Japanese mobile game Kirara Fantasia. She is also the voice of the main characters in Märchen Mädchen and Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online.

In 2019, she won the Best New Actress award at the Seiyu Awards along with Manaka Iwami, Coco Hayashi, Rina Honnizumi, and Kaede Hondo. Kusunoki has been interested in the world of entertainment since she was a child. At age 3 she began taking piano lessons. During her high school years, she was a member of her high school marching band, and a member of a music club. She was also the student council president.

During her second year in high school, she became interested in anime. She especially liked the Kobato series and seiyū Kana Hanazawa’s portrayal of the main character, which inspired her to become a seiyū. She decided to participate in an audition held by the Sony Music Artists agency. As she feared that she would not pass the seiyū audition due to her lack of experience, she applied for a position as a singer.

She ended up receiving the special award at the audition. Kusunoki made her seiyū debut in 2017, playing a supporting role in the anime series Eromanga Sensei. In June 2017, she was cast in her first leading role as Kirara in the mobile game Kirara Fantasia. In 2018, she was cast as Hazuki Kagimura, the protagonist of the anime series Märchen Mädchen. She also played the role of Llenn in the anime series Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, in which she also sings the ending theme song “To see the future”.



Voice Actress: Fairouz Ai

In her original form as a devil, Power claimed to be so feared that other devils would flee from her scent, but this is probably just Power boasting. Power can freely manipulate the blood in her body to make weapons. She can also manipulate other people’s blood through direct contact and prevent them from bleeding out, though she admits this is difficult.

Power can also warp her target’s regeneration abilities by mixing in her own blood. As a fiend, Power can restore her health by consuming blood. As a Blood Devil, she can regenerate herself from small amounts of blood after her death by consuming the blood of the stronger devil. After the defeat of Chainsaw Man by Makima, Pochita took advantage of this ability by pouring her blood into Denji’s body to consume herself.



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Fairouz Aia (born July 6, 1993 in Tokyo) is a Japanese seiyū and singer. Fairouz Ai began her career by getting one of the main roles in the anime Dumbbell nan-Kilo moteru? in 2019. She is gradually establishing herself as a safe bet for the new generation of seiyū. In 2021, studio David Production announced that Ai is the voice actor for Jolyne Kujo, main character of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

She thus became the first woman to voice a JoJo, after the first five heroes of the series who are all male. Fairouz Ai was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an Egyptian father. She was named Fairouz in reference to the Lebanese singer Fairuz. Ai spent part of her childhood in Cairo before coming to Japan. During her high school years, she became familiar with the manga universe JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Her growing interest in the series led her to participate in reading sessions with other fans on Skype. Ai wanted to start a seiyū career but was initially refused by her parents. She then studied in a graphic design school before working as a dental assistant for a year. With some money saved, Ai decided to pursue her dream and enrolled in a voice acting school.

Aki Hayakawa


Voice Actor: Shogo Sakata

Powers and Abilities: Aki has a contract with the Curse Devil that gives him a nail-like sword. In order to use it, Aki would have to shorten his life considerably. Aki points the nail at a random spot on his opponent’s body. He then says the word “fire” and the hand of the Curse Devil appears and flicks the back end of the nail to inflict damage.

By stabbing his enemy three times with the nail, Aki is able to summon the Escape Devil, which grabs the enemy and deals massive damage, killing him in the process. After losing the Fox Devil’s favor, Aki was taken to the Future Devil, who is held captive by Public Security, and managed to get a contract to use his abilities if he lets the Future Devil live in his right eye.

Aki has the ability to see a few seconds into the future. He uses this ability to predict his opponent’s attacks and plan accordingly. Aki Hayakawa had a contract with the Fox Devil. In exchange for giving him a part of his body, Aki could use his power in battle.

Aki lost the ability to summon him after he recklessly used the Fox Devil against Katana Man. Aki was able to hold up his hand and say the word “Kon,” at which point the Fox Devil’s head appeared and immediately bit into the target’s body, either swallowing him whole or cutting him to pieces where the Fox Devil’s bite intersected with him.


Shogo Sakata was also born in 1998 and is a young Japanese voice actor, with voice and live-action credits in his filmography. So far, his most famous roles include Gladion from Pokémon and Carbo from Dr.STONE.

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