Christine: Bryan Fuller is leading a new adaptation of King’s novel!

Christine: Bryan Fuller is leading a new adaptation of King’s novel!

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A new film adaptation of the cult King’s novel Christine is on the horizon. This time it comes from the shared kitchen of Sony Pictures and Blumhouse, and in charge of it will be Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Star Trek: Discovery) as a screenwriter and director. Producers for Blumhouse are Jason Blum, Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban, while Peter Kang will oversee the project for Sony Pictures.

Supposedly, Fuller’s plan is for the plot to be set in the 1980s, and to faithfully follow the plot of the novel. But we’ll just see about that because the project is currently at an early stage, and Fuller is just writing the script.

Now, if you’re not a little tired of getting another version of King’s adaptation, or if you don’t like Carpenter’s vision, then you’ve probably welcomed this news with a smile. For us, all these new visions are a bit too much, although Fuller has a good genre pedigree, and the time in itself for a new/old adaptation is not bad, considering that King has been very popular again for some time.

King’s novel was published in 1983, and the focus of the story is the 1958 Plymouth Fury occupied by malicious supernatural forces. The plot of the novel takes place in 1978, high school student Arnie buys and renovates a car and soon his personality begins to take on characteristics similar to previous owner Roland D. LeBay, who had a history of violent behavior and whose daughter and wife died in the car. Arnie’s girlfriend Leigh, and his friend Dennis are trying to find out the truth behind Christine, who will take revenge on anyone who gets in her way.

Christine made her first film adaptation in 1983. The director was the legendary John Carpenter, and the screenplay was written by Bill Phillips. Although Christine from 1983 is nowhere near Carpenter’s best work, it is still considered a classic.

Until we wait for a new adaptation, you can remember the old version in a video below.

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