‘Citadel’: Is Nadia Sinh Working for Manticore?

Nadia Mason Dalia and Rahi in Citadel

Citadel’s Nadia Sinh insists that a good spy has to be a good liar, and she seems to be the best of them all because it is difficult to tell which side she is really fighting for. After rescuing Carter in the safehouse in Mexico, Carter made it clear to Mason that Nadia couldn’t be trusted. While it is revealed that she went to Valencia for a whole year because she was pregnant, many fans still wonder whether she actually betrayed Citadel and whether Nadia is still working for Manticore.

Nadia’s trustworthiness was first put in question by the Moroccan crime boss Basto who told Kane that Nadia betrayed him and the rest of Citadel. With Carter supporting the betrayal claims, Nadia seems to have played a role, either directly or indirectly, in the collapse of Citadel. The most likely culprit is her father, Rahi Gambhir, whom Carter described as an international terrorist.

The person at a loss is Mason Kane, who doesn’t know whether to stand with the mother of his daughter or the agency whose rules he can’t remember anymore. With Dahlia having kidnapped Kane and Nadia’s daughter, Kane doesn’t seem to have much of a choice but to give her access to the nuclear codes. However, could the whole kidnapping saga be part of Manticore’s plan to finish what is left of Citadel with Nadia’s help?

Who is Nadia Sinh in Citadel?

Nadia Sinh in Citadel S01E05

Nadia Sinh is an elite espionage spy, one of the best Citadel has ever produced, who came through the ranks at the agency.

Her father was once the leader of Citadel, although it is not clear how he left the agency.

Nadia was introduced in the show in an episode set eight years before current events while on a mission in Italy to intercept an international terrorist Gregor Yovanovich.

She was joined on the mission by an uninvited Mason Kane, with whom she clearly shares romantic attraction, apart from having a reliable partnership.


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Yovanovich worked for Manticore and was aware of Nadia’s mission, leading to a surprise attack that nearly killed both Mason and Nadia.

Nadia survived the explosion by swimming in a lake and escaping from a man who tried to imprison her.

Yovanovich’s attack was part of a catastrophic extermination of Citadel agents by Manticore, which was being helped by a Citadel agent that had turned and betrayed the agency.

Nadia then moves to Valencia, where she meets Mason Kane eight years later after he is given the X-case from which she retrieves her vile and restores her memories.

Since Mason cannot remember his past, Nadia tells him that they were once lovers, and it is later revealed that they have a child whom Nadia has left in the care of her father.

Mason never knew about the baby since Nadia left Citadel for a whole year to stay in Valencia to have the baby.

It is also revealed that Nadia had behaved questionably before her year-long exit from the agency since she stole an important piece of dangerous technology called the Oz Key.

She is, therefore, believed to have been behind the betrayal and subsequent fall of Citadel.

Nadia Sinh is played by the Quantico and The Matrix star Priyanka Chopra Jonas whose performance received positive reviews.

However, her lack of chemistry with Richard Madden, who plays Mason Kane, has been heavily criticized for making their partnership seem too artificial.

Did Nadia Sinh destroy Citadel?

richard madden priyanka chopra citadel

Nadia Sinh didn’t seem to understand what the Manticore tattoo meant when she met Gregor Yovanovich on the train in Italy.

It is, therefore, unlikely that she was working with the group to take down Citadel during the mission in Italy.

Carter and Basto still told Mason that Nadia was the agent that betrayed Citadel, which means someone framed Nadia for the betrayal, or she was involved with it in one way or another at some point.


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When Gregor exploded the train in Italy, Nadia was just as likely to die in the explosion as Mason and the rest of the people aboard.

She would never have agreed to die alongside Mason because that would effectively orphan their child.

In her defense, Nadia told Mason that if she were behind the destruction of Citadel, she wouldn’t have helped him save Carter, who was imprisoned in a black site in Mexico by Manticore.

Her position is supported by the fact that Carter immediately accused her of being the person that destroyed Citadel.

The most likely culprit in the whole saga seems to be her father, Rahi Gambhir, who is accused of being an international terrorist.

Is Nadia working for Manticore?

Dahlia in Citadel Star

There is no direct indication from the first season of Citadel to suggest that Nadia knowingly worked for Manticore.

However, there are many unanswered questions about her behavior, especially surrounding the mysterious person she talks to through texts.

It was also revealed that Nadia stole the OZ key from Abby, and although she claims to have destroyed it, there is no confirmation of that in the show.

While Nadia may not have knowingly betrayed Citadel, her trust in Rahi might have made her complacent because Carter clarified that her father could not be trusted.

The events around him are suspicious, including that Manticore got to him and kidnapped Nadia’s child just after forcing the nuclear codes out of Bernard Orlick.

Nadia might actually be the person to save Citadel from the ruins because she has proved that she can bypass the rules if necessary to do what needs to be done.

If she dared to destroy the Oz key to prevent the dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands, then she has what it takes to prevent Dahlia from gaining access to nuclear weapons.

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