ClanDestine Origin, Enemies and Powers in Marvel

Clan Destine Origin, Enemies and Powers in Marvel

ClanDestine is the designation applied to members of the Destine family, started by Adam Destine and Elalyth, a djinn. Generally they don’t use this term to refer to themselves, and many of the children have taken on superhero codenames.

So let’s have a look at the ClanDestine origin story, their main enemies and rivals, as well as their individual powers per the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What Is the Origin of ClanDestine?

ClanDestine is a family of supernatural children stretching back almost a millenia, born from an immortal knight and djinn.

Djinn are mystical beings, but are generally fused within an object, thus being unable to do much until a master comes along. Sometimes referred to as Genies, the classic Djinn is the one trapped in a lamp that grants three wishes.

The djinn Elalyth came to the aid of Adam Destine, a Saxon from the 12th century. An accident on the family farm would have killed him but for the intervention of Elalyth, who restored his health and blessed him with a fate of great destiny.

Adam became a member of Richard the Lionheart’s crusades, showing great valor in battle and becoming known as a fierce champion. Eventually captured by nefarious actors, he was put into battle against Sujanaa to destroy a mystical gem that gave Sujanaa his power.

Having succeeded in killing Sujanaa, he was then betrayed and killed but in his last moments destroyed the gem, which was the object which held Elalyth.

As a reward, he was granted invulnerability and immortality and they had several children that also gained these powers as well as additional magic powers once they hit puberty. Due to their slow aging, the family moved constantly so as not to be found out.

Clan Destine Origin, Enemies and Powers in Marvel

The family eventually expanded into Jasmine, Garth, Lance, Sherlock, Vincent, Thaddeus, Albert, Gracie, Maurice, Florence, Walter, Newton, Dominic, Samantha, William, Rik Pandora, Rory and Nathaniel.

Who Are the Enemies of The ClanDestines?

Given their long lifespans and abilities, the clan has certainly gained many enemies over the years.

One of the biggest threats comes in the form of the demon Synraith, who was alerted to the existence of earth after Gracie opened up a cosmic power nexus during the 1500s to defeat Hernan Cortes. While her intentions were good, this portal allowed a route to Earth.

While Jasmine arrived in time to prevent the demon from arriving, now that he knew how to get to Earth he constantly tried different methods to get to Earth, such as via alternate dimensions.

Vincent Destine also became disillusioned with the direction the family was going, however it is unclear exactly what his motivations were. He destroyed the family home along with a host of other crimes that led Adam to kill him.

The Guild is another common enemy, although internal infighting often means they cannot mount effective attacks against the very strong family.

Hywel Griffin and his Omegans became enemies of ClanDestine after Pandora and Rory stumbled across a battle between Griffin and Lenz fighting over an item, the Gryphon.

The Destines took the device, and because of Lenz’s desire for it to fix himself, decided that killing all the Destines was a noble goal. This pursuit not only killed Florence and Maurice, but forced Kay to transfer her mind into a cat.

The Inhuman Tral also attacked and killed Thaddeus in the 1300s, but was avenged by Adam.


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Powers of The ClanDestines

Djinn Elalyth has many powers but the exact breadth of powers available to djinn is unknown, but once free from the object that binds her, her powers have been shown as healing humans, granting immortality and invulnerability.

Adam Destine is immortal and invulnerable to attacks, and also can pass these traits onto his children, or it may come from Elalyth. He doesn’t have to eat or sleep, and has certain types of invisibility. 

Jasmine has wide-ranging psychic abilities, notably being able to take over another living creature, giving her great vectors of escape. She can read minds, project illusions and also bring astral beings to her location.

Garth, Lance, and Sherlock’s powers were never revealed, and they were interred in the family cemetery.

Vincent has the ability to teleport himself and others of his choosing both across time and space. He can also shrink targets.

Thaddeus is a warrior and can transform into any beast or take on their features.

Albert was a healer, being able to develop his powers to heal from many thousands of kilometers away. He also found out that he can project this healing power to kill others, although he doesn’t use this power anymore.

Gracie has psychic powers, enabling her to detect energies.

Florence’s powers are not expanded upon, and she is killed by Lenz’s abominations.

Maurice has the ability to generate energy, but he was also killed by Lenz’s creatures.

Walter can transform into a massive creature with invulnerability, although he loses control over himself the bigger he makes the creature.

Newton is a genius who has developed many inventions, including a space van that Adam uses to leave Earth.

Dominic has heightened senses and can use logic flawlessly to get to the correct conclusions given certain evidence. There are many ways these skills can be used, such as smelling through walls, seeing in the electromagnetic spectrum, smell any trace of a scent

Samantha can generate a metallic ectoplasmic field, creating armor and even weapons but it can also be morphed into wings.

William has relatively limited powers compared to the others, but has what is described as peak human strength, and is very flexible and able to do acrobatics.

Pandora and Rory are twins and notably developed their powers the quickest out of all the children. Rory can manipulate gravity to fly or change the properties of objects affected by gravity, such as making them heavy.

Pandora has control over light, being able to use light as a powerful beam to destroy objects like rocks and boulders. This skill is also able to be used to bend light to render objects invisible.

The true range of Nathaniel’s abilities is unknown, but he likely has similar physic powers to Gracie, Jasmine and Albert.

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