Concrete: an unusual and wonderful short animated film!

Concrete: an unusual and wonderful short animated film!

We discovered one very special short film – Concrete. It is an animated film, more precisely a mix of 3D and 2D animation that arrived from the production workshop of Swiss students from the School of Art and Design in Lucerne (2015-2018). Originally, it had its premiere and tour of the festival in 2018, and along the way it managed to win several awards.

Now he has finally finished online. The film is directed by Pirmin Bieri, Aira Joana, Nicolas Roth and Luca Struchen. The music is signed by Rahel Zimmermann. Concrete is a very abstract work, but wonderful, and it really deserves to be watched.

Disturbed by his own constant transformations, the restless traveler seeks his place under the sun. A mysterious encounter in a concrete building in the middle of a barren swamp gives him hope that he has found such a place.

A year before graduation, film co-director Air Joana admits that the filmmakers went through a kind of search for themselves and wanted to use that experience for their film by exploring the idea of ​​”finding our place in the world.” Aiming to create that “out-of-place feeling,” the directors soon found themselves imagining what they described as “an aimless wanderer in a vast swamp, where the only other trace of life is depicted by wild flora and a painted fox”. And so the narrative for Concrete was born.

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