‘Constantine 2’ Back on Track: The Long-Awaited Sequel is Reviving Hopes

Constantine 2

It’s been a roller coaster for ‘Constantine’ fans. Ever since the 2005 cult hit starring Keanu Reeves was released, whispers of a sequel have floated around. And now, there’s renewed hope with both Reeves and the film’s original director, Francis Lawrence, hinting at a comeback.

The 2005 film introduced us to John Constantine, an exceptional exorcist who could see the dark and divine beings of the world. His mission was straightforward: banish every demon to hell and earn a spot in heaven. With standout performances by Rachel Weisz and Tilda Swinton, the film managed a whopping $230 million at the global box office.

But the road to a sequel has been anything but smooth. There were several reasons for the delay, but Francis Lawrence recently told GameSpot that this year’s writers strike was a big hurdle. However, this recent setback isn’t the entire story. There were challenges even before. Gaining back control of the character was a task since others had taken over the Vertigo comics material. But now, the good news is they’ve triumphed in that battle.

The excitement is building. Lawrence, Keanu, and original producer Akiva Goldsman have been actively discussing the potential storyline. The sequel’s vision is clear: it should be a true, R-rated cinematic experience.


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Remember the ‘Constantine’ TV attempt by NBC? It had a short life of just one season. Then there were murmurs about a new series by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions. But when Reeves was rumored to return for a film sequel, that plan came to a standstill.

Since the 2005 ‘Constantine,’ Francis Lawrence has carved a notable career. He directed Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’ and helmed the ‘Hunger Games’ sequels. His latest venture, a ‘Hunger Games’ prequel, is set to hit theaters soon. However, his spark for ‘Constantine’ hasn’t dimmed.

The DC Comics universe is always evolving, and the journey for ‘Constantine 2’ has been filled with doubts. Yet, the recent developments have lit a flame of optimism.

For those of us who’ve been ardently waiting for almost two decades, the horizon for ‘Constantine 2’ seems brighter. It might finally be time to believe that the much-anticipated sequel is on its way. Let’s keep that hope alive!

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