Crunchyroll Unveils 2024 Anime Award Winners in Star-Studded Event

Crunchyroll Anime Award 2024

Crunchyroll just wrapped up its 2024 Anime Awards, and what a night it was! Held live in Tokyo and streamed worldwide, the event was a grand celebration of anime, featuring big names from all corners of entertainment. Sally Amaki and Jon Kabira hosted the show, making sure everyone had a great time.

We got to see some amazing performances too. Hiroyuki Sawano and KOHTA YAMAMOTO knocked it out of the park with the Anime Awards Theme Song. Shing02, OMA, and SPIN MASTER A-1 took us back with ‘battlecry’ from Samurai Champloo. And YOASOBI’s ‘Idol’ performance was just the cherry on top.

Now, let’s talk winners. JUJUTSU KAISEN Hidden Inventory / Premature Death took home quite a few awards including Anime of the Year and Best Action. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc‘ wasn’t far behind, winning for Best Animation and Art Direction. SPY x FAMILY got us laughing with Best Comedy, and ONE PIECE continued to impress as Best Continuing Series.


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The music category was a tough one, but ‘Idol’ by YOASOBI for ‘OSHI NO KO clinched Best Anime Song. And who could forget the ‘Must Protect At All Cost’ character? Anya Forger from ‘SPY x FAMILY’ definitely deserves that title.

Voice actors got their moment too. From Yuichi Nakamura’s portrayal of Satoru Gojo in Japanese to Ryan Colt Levy’s Denji in English, the talent was top-notch across the board.

A record 34 million votes from fans around the world made this year’s awards the biggest yet. It’s clear we all love anime and can’t wait to see what comes next. Here’s to another year of amazing stories and unforgettable characters!

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