Damian Desmond Voice Actor in Spy x Family: Meet Natsumi Fujiwara!

Damian Desmond Voice Actor in Spy x Family: Meet Natsumi Fujiwara!

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With SPY×FAMILY continuing to dominate the otaku community as one of the biggest shows in recent years, the number of cast members is slowly expanding. Now, we knew from the manga which characters were going to appear in later episodes, but we did not know who would be voicing a lot of the characters that have appeared in later episodes. Damian Desmond was one such character and on May 7, the producers finally revealed that Natsumi Fujiwara would be voicing little Damian in the upcoming episodes of SPY×FAMILY. In this article, we are going to tell you who Natsumi Fujiwara is and also give some additional information about Damian.

Who is Damian Desmond in SPY×FAMILY?

Damian Desmond is the second son of Donovan Desmond, the leader of the National Unity Party, an important and powerful group that threatens the peace between the East and the West. This has led Damian to achieve a highly respected status among his peers, making him incredibly arrogant, so much so that he assumes Anya has a crush on him when she stares at him. It is shown that he prefers to be called Lord Damian when he is addressed.

He becomes angry when he is belittled by Anya’s smile and quickly resorts to insulting her with his limited vocabulary and bullying Anya. After taking a hit from Anya, he becomes very embarrassed in her presence. After Anya’s tearful apology, Damian has a crush on Anya, which he refuses to acknowledge, and runs away out of embarrassment.

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We later learn that one possible reason for Damian’s behavior is his brother’s success as an imperial scholar, and that his father expects him to try hard and become part of the imperial scholars. His father’s influence and lack of attention to his life have motivated him even more to live up to his expectations.

This has led him to look down on people below his social class, because if they are of no use to him, they only slow him down on the path to becoming an imperial scholar, thus slowing his progress to gain his father’s attention. A rare exception is when he protects Anya from a ball and is willingly taken out of the game in return.

Who is Natsumi Fujiwara, the voice behind Damian Desmond?

We knew that Damian Desmond would not only be making an appearance in SPY×FAMILY, but also that he would be playing a big role in the plot. Now, what we did not know – until May 7, 2022, at least – is who would be voicing little Damian in the anime. It was finally confirmed, on May 7th, that Natsumi Fujiwara would be voicing Damian Desmond in the upcoming episodes:

But, who is Natsumi Fujiwara? Natsumi Fujiwara (born June 2) is a Japanese voice actress represented by the Arts Vision agency. She graduated from the Japan Narration Performance Institute. Some of her more famous roles include Chihiro Komiya in Shōnen Maid, Tōru Mutsuki in Tokyo Ghoul:re, Daigo Shigeno in Major 2nd and Abigail Jones in Great Pretender. Her full credits list includes the following roles:

2016Shōnen MaidChihiro Komiya
2016KeijoAtsuko Yoshida
2017–2018Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Kidō Kyūkyū KeisatsuGō Kurumada
2017Knight’s & MagicBatson Termonen
2018Tokyo Ghoul:reTōru Mutsuki
2018–2020Major 2ndDaigo Shigeno
2018Beyblade Burst Super ZTobisuke
2018Angels of DeathEdward Mason
2019–2021True Cooking Master BoyLiu Mao Xing
2019Rifle is BeautifulAkira Shinome
2020Beyblade Burst SuperkingHyuga Asahi
2020Great PretenderAbigail Jones
2020Date A Live Fragment: Date A BulletIsami Hijikata
2020Yuuna and the Haunted Hot SpringsMikogami Matora
2021Kemono JihenKabane Kusaka
2021Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter TownMikona
202186Theoto Rikka
2021Night Head 2041Takuya Kuroki (young)
2021Amaim Warrior at the BorderlineI-LeS Gai
2022Sabikui BiscoNuts
2022Aharen-san wa HakarenaiAtsushi
2022The Orbital ChildrenTōya Sagami
2022Spy × FamilyDamian Desmond

Who voices Damian Desmond in the dubbed edition of SPY×FAMILY?

As of this moment, the character’s English voice actress is still unknown. Now, since his debut is coming up soon in the dubbed edition, we are certain that the information is going to be revealed sooner rather than later, so we’ll definitely update the article once the information is revealed.

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