Daredevil VS Echo Leaked Scene Looks… So BAD

Daredevil and Echo

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Marvel Studios has set high standards for action and storytelling, especially in its superhero genre. However, the recently leaked fight scene between Daredevil and Echo has left me and many fans disappointed. It’s a far cry from what we expect from a studio known for its top-notch production quality.

This particular scene feels like it’s been lifted from a low-budget action movie rather than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s an evident lack of realism, with punches visibly stopping short and hits missing their mark. It’s a stark contrast to the fluid and impactful combat we’ve seen in previous Marvel productions.


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The attempt to mimic the iconic Daredevil hallway fight scene from Netflix’s season one falls flat. That sequence, renowned for its single-camera brilliance and raw intensity, stands as one of the best in superhero TV history. This new scene, unfortunately, is on the other end of the spectrum. If we consider the Daredevil hallway fight as a pinnacle, then this new scene could be one of the worst in the genre, disappointingly rivaling even the Hulk vs She-Hulk fight in terms of quality.

Marvel fans share this sentiment, expressing their discontent across various platforms. The reactions below are a testament to the collective disappointment felt by the community, who had higher expectations from Marvel Studios.

It must be said that there are other fans who actually like this scene, but I’m not sure if they’re being delusional or what, as it looks plain horrible to me. I hope these are some unfinished shots, and that we won’t witness this in the final product.

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