Daredevil vs. She-Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight?

daredevil vs she hulk

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We all know that Daredevil is finally going to make his MCU debut in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, as we’ve seen hints of it, such as Matt Murdock’s earlier appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Daredevil mask we saw in the earlier episodes of She-Hulk. Of course, there is also a good possibility that Daredevil would have to fight She-Hulk as well, as superheroes don’t tend to have the best first meetings, as seen when the Avengers first met. So, who would win in a fight between Daredevil and She-Hulk?

Even though Daredevil is an impressive physical specimen, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to She-Hulk, who can only be hurt by someone who is just as strong or even stronger than she is. As such, it is highly unlikely that anything that Daredevil can do will hurt She-Hulk.

It may be true that Matt Murdock is a great fighter and an extremely impressive superhero with his skills and abilities, but She-Hulk is on another level when it comes to how strong and durable she is. That’s why it is unlikely that anything that Daredevil can do will actually hurt her, considering that She-Hulk is basically a Hulk. That said, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


Even though Daredevil doesn’t possess superhuman strength, his superhuman sensory system allows him to have incredible control over his central nervous system, and this allows him to maximize his strength to peak human levels. That’s why Daredevil has showcased his ability to carry things that are far heavier than he is. He can easily reach the strength levels of professional powerlifters thanks to his incredible control over his central nervous system and his years of martial arts training.


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She-Hulk is a Hulk, and that means that her strength levels are nearly unlimited. While her cousin may be very strong to the point that Hulk can get stronger and stronger the more he gets angry, She-Hulk’s strength tends to be stable. But that doesn’t mean that she is anything but weak compared to Bruce Banner, as She-Hulk has shown her ability to easily carry over 100 tons. We also saw her effortlessly throwing a huge boulder around while she was training with Bruce.

she hulk

Daredevil is an incredibly gifted physical specimen for a human with no superhuman strength. But his strength is but a fraction of She-Hulk’s strength, as this is simply a no-contest for the Jade Giantess, whose strength cannot be easily matched by anyone.

Daredevil 0, She-Hulk 1

Powers and Abilities

At first, it doesn’t seem like Daredevil has any powers, but he actually possesses a superhuman sensory system that allows him to have incredible control over his sensory abilities and even his central nervous system. This allows him to be able to sense things at a level that’s superhuman, as he can use his different senses (other than his sight, which he lacks) in superb ways, such as being able to sense danger when it’s coming or being able to actually tell when a person is lying. It is also this ability that allows him to “see” better than anyone, even though he can’t actually see anything.

She-Hulk doesn’t have any powers or special abilities other than the fact that she has the ability to transform into a Hulk. This allows her to assume a form that’s capable of incredible superhuman feats due to the massive strength increase she gets whenever she transforms. As such, her overall physical abilities are enhanced to levels that are out of this world, as she is so much stronger, faster, and more durable while she is in this form.

she hulk vs hulk

As impressive as Daredevil’s abilities may be, they don’t hold a candle to what Jen Walters can do whenever she is in her She-Hulk form. It’s simply unfair to compare an ordinary human with enhanced sensory abilities to a Hulk.

Daredevil 0, She-Hulk 2

Speed and Quickness

Daredevil’s speed isn’t really impressive, but it is at peak human levels in the sense that he can run as fast as an Olympic athlete. This is due in large part to his increased strength. However, his quickness and reflexes are what allow him to actually have impressive agility feats whenever he is fighting. Thanks to his enhanced senses and his ability to control his central nervous system at an incredible level, Daredevil can easily react and move at incredible rates, as he uses this to dodge or speed-blitz his opponents in a fight.

daredevil dodge

She-Hulk, as a Hulk, has enhanced leg muscles that allow her to run at incredible rates that are similar to what her cousin can do. As such, she can move fast enough to the point that she could probably move from one city to another in a matter of minutes due to her incredibly strong leg muscles. She-Hulk can also leap great heights due to the strength of her legs, as this has allowed her to bridge gaps between her and her opponents.


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Speed-wise, She-Hulk takes the cake because of her superhuman leg strength. But the fact is that Daredevil’s ability to react quickly to certain situations because of his heightened senses allows him to bridge the gap between him and She-Hulk in this conversation.

Daredevil 0, She-Hulk 2

Fighting Abilities

Daredevil has always been one of the best fighters in Marvel Comics because he has trained extensively in different forms of fighting, such as boxing and ninja arts. He is a master of different types of weapons and is capable of actually using projectile weapons even without the ability to see. He is also an incredible acrobat that can move precisely in any kind of situation. And when those abilities are combined with his enhanced sensory powers, he becomes a difficult matchup for any Marvel superhero.

daredevil fight 1

She-Hulk isn’t really the best fighter when it comes to Marvel Comics, but she did train in different arts before she even became the Jade Giantess. Jen Walters learned judo when she was younger because, as a lawyer, there was a need for her to know how to defend herself. Meanwhile, she is also a skilled boxer that’s capable of using her enhanced physical abilities to defeat other superhumans in a fight.

It might be true that She-Hulk is not just a bumbling giant that relies almost entirely on her strength, but Daredevil’s fighting abilities are on a different level thanks to the years of training he underwent to hone his body and turn it into a weapon.

Daredevil 1, She-Hulk 2

Daredevil vs. She-Hulk: Who Would Win In A Fight?

There may be different areas where Daredevil is more impressive than She-Hulk. It is also true that he can actually bridge the gap between him and her in other areas as well. But the fact is that She-Hulk is still a Hulk, and that means that only someone who is as strong as Thor, Thanos, or Bruce Banner can really pose a threat to her in a fight. That means that it is unlikely that Daredevil would be able to actually harm She-hulk, whose durability is off the charts and whose strength is exponentially greater than Matt Murdock’s.

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