David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Talk ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending: “We knew it would be controversial.”

David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Talk Controversial 'Game of Thrones' Ending: "

A series that has attracted both a lot of love and a lot of hate, Game of Thrones is – whether you like it or not – a pillar of modern television. HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy saga has earned numerous awards and nominations, with series creators D. B. Weiss and David Benioff being lauded as geniuses.

But, as you will probably know, by the time the series actually ended, a lot of hate had accumulated, and the creators’ decision for the series finale made a lot of fans angry, many still consider the ending of Game of Thrones to be one of the worst endings in the history of television.

Recently, though, Weiss and Benioff sat down with Josh Horowitz for an interview as part of his Happy, Sad, Confused series, accompanied by Alexander Woo. The three of them are the creators of the currently popular 3 Body Problem series, and while the series was the focus of the interview, Horowitz also asked them about the ending of Game of Thrones. Here is how the discussion went:

Horowitz: I’m going to go on record here. I’m, uh… maybe I’ll alienate my own audience, but I’m going to say, uh… I love the ending of Lost and I love the ending of Game of Thrones, okay? I’m just… I’m not saying it just because you guys are here. I’ve lost all my fans, but it’s true
Weiss: It was totally worth losing all of your fans to say this.
Horowitz: Yeah, just to make you guys happy for 30 seconds. Um…
Weiss: Totally.
Horowitz: Were you taken aback by the discourse? Did you see it coming?
Benioff: I think we knew it would be controversial. I… I think we hoped that it would be a little more 50:50, you know. I think you hope for, like, a better proportion of… definitely didn’t want it to be quite so much hate. We’re prepared for some of it but you know…
Weiss: Guess I hadn’t really taken into account the network effects. You know. Which is… the network effects that can help a show, when they’re working in your favor, is a positive feedback loop that kind of…
Horowitz: The exponential just like feeding on each other, yeah…
Weiss: Yeah and I think… I think that’s what… that’s what… what I was maybe referring to before when I was like it’s… it’s hypocritical to… to love it when it’s blowing in your direction and to… and to decide it’s the end of the world when it’s going the other way, but… it’s… it’s like, yeah… I think that maybe that was the part of it that we hadn’t really accounted for in… in knowing that some people were going to like it and some people weren’t.
Horowitz: David is this why you’re on the move right now? That Game of Thrones fans are chasing you because of, uh, the ending?
Weiss: It’s like A Hard Day’s Night, except they they have blades and hammers.
Horowitz: But to your point…
Benioff: But I will say the only positive moment I’ve ever had
with Homeland Security was going through LAX a few months ago, and the guy saw my driver’s license, and he said, he’s like, “Are you are you Dave and Dan?” I was like, “Well, I’m one of… yes I am one of Dave and Dan.” “I love the final season, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!” So it was a really sweet moment in… in a situation where you’re not expecting sweetness, so… There are people out there who like the last season, not the only one, like, 11 of you.
Horowitz: Yeah, I was gonna say it’s a quote from Arrested Development: “There are dozens of us! We exist!”

You can check out the whole interview on YouTube.

As you can see, the creators themselves have a very personal take on the final season of the beloved show and from what it seems, they are not the only ones who actually like it.

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