DC First Look: Batman: Urban Legends #10 Featuring Tim Drake

DC First Look: Batman: Urban Legends #10 Featuring Tim Drake

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Nightwing Follows “Fear State” with His Own Version of a Visit From “The Bats of Christmas Past!”

Azrael’s Final Showdown Against the POOR FELLOW!

Plus the Conclusion of the Tweedle-Dum/Tweedle-Dee Two Parter!

On Sale Tuesday, December 14

After an issue #6 appearance that left comic book fans slack-jawed, Robin returns to Gotham City just in time for the Holidays when Batman: Urban Legends #10 arrives in comic book stores and on participating digital platforms on Tuesday, December 14.

Written by Meghan Fitzmartin, the feature-length story “A Carol of Bats” features art by Alberto Albuquerque Jimenez (pencils/inks), Nick Filardi (colors), and Pat Brosseau (Letters). This continues Tim’s journey of self-discovery from Urban Legends #6, and sees Tim balancing his drive to fight crime with his desire to be a great partner. Amidst the ashes of a devastated Gotham City and Fear State, Tim Drake comes back to Gotham City to help Batman and Nightwing try and put the city back together again after its devastation at the hands of The Scarecrow and The Magistrate. Along the way, Tim tries to get Batman out of a Scrooge-level funk, where the Dark Knight has serious doubts about if he’s failed Gotham City, and if its citizens will stop being scared and angry enough to have hope for the future. 

“The response to Tim’s story has been more than I could have hoped” said writer Fitzmartin. “It’s always exciting to share Tim’s journey with fans, and close 2021 with this special holiday story in Batman: Urban Legends #10.”

Featuring a main cover by Belen Ortega, who’d previously drawn the Tim Drake story “The Sum of Our Parts.” and a powerful Azrael variant by Riccardo Federici, Batman: Urban Legends #10 also includes another feature-length (22 pages) Nightwing tale, by writer Tini Howard, marking her first DC story since 2016. Howard will take over as writer of Catwoman beginning with issue #39 in January.

DC First Look: Batman: Urban Legends #10 Featuring Tim Drake

Featuring art by Christian Duce and colors by Sarah Stern, this follow-up to the events of Fear State follows Nightwing around the holiday season, avoiding attending the Bat-Family holiday party before he’s doused with Fear Toxin and forced to relive memories of his past, present, and future shown to him by three ghostly versions of Batgirl – Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, and Cassandra Cain. 

Writer Dan Watters and artist Nikola Cizmesija conclude the three-part Azrael tale, “Dark Knight of the Soul,” with colors by Ivan Plascencia. In his return to Gotham City, Jean-Paul Valley faces off for a final time with the new villain Poor Fellow, who has a lot more to tell Jean-Paul about the legacy of Azrael than he ever knew. Batman: Urban Legends #10 also features a stunning Azrael variant cover by artist Riccardo Federici (The Last God). 

Rounding out this issue is the heartbreaking close of the two-part story featuring the terrorizing twins Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, written by Punchline co-writer Sam Johns and Injustice: Unkillables artist Karl Mostert. 

Batman: Urban Legends #10 arrives in comic book shops and participating digital platforms on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. The DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription platform also includes the first two issues of the series, plus an unparalleled selection of titles featuring all the members of the Bat-Family. For more information and a free trial, visit the website at www.dcuniverseinfinite.com

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