‘Gen V’: Dean Shetty Is Out for Revenge! Here Are Her True Goals

shettys revenge

During the earlier part of the storyline of ‘Gen V,’ one of the things that we really didn’t understand a lot was the fact that Dean Indira Shetty and Doctor Edison Cardosa were seemingly doing crazy experiments in “the Woods,” which is an underground facility found within the campus of Godolkin University. We found out that they were developing a virus that had the ability to kill supes, only for fans to wonder why Shetty wanted the virus to become more contagious. Episode 7 revealed that she was out of revenge. So, what are Dean Shetty’s true goals?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Dean Shetty wanted Doctor Cardosa’s virus to become more contagious so that it would have the ability to kill supes on a widescale level.
  • A while back, Dean Shetty lost her entire family on Transoceanic Flight 37, which was brought down by Homelander instead of rescuing the people inside.
  • Shetty is out for revenge against Homelander and the supes due to what happened to her family.

Cardosa’s virus

Earlier in the storyline of ‘Gen V,’ we learned that the people of Godolkin University had been experimenting on supes in a secret hospital-like facility called the Woods, which was found underneath the campus. This was one of the reasons why Golden Boy went berserk and killed Professor Brink, as memories of his brother’s existence and what the Woods was doing to him came back to him.

As the series progressed, we learned that Dean Indira Shetty had been working with Doctor Edison Cardosa to develop a virus using the supes in the Woods. Shetty was also working with Cate Dunlap to make sure that the supes of the school would never learn what was happening in the Woods as she had the power to make them forget. 

shetty cardosa

In the earlier episode, Cardosa succeeded in developing a powerful virus to weaken a supe. He eventually discovered this virus was strong enough to kill a supe. But instead of worrying, Shetty was seemingly excited as she told Cardosa to improve the ability of the virus to become more contagious. And this means that she wanted it to become stronger.


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It became clear that Shetty wanted the virus to infect all of the supes in the world. At first, she was seemingly working to create this virus under Vought’s supervision as it could be important in taking control over the supes of the world. After all, Vought wanted to ensure it could control the supes, especially because supes like Homelander were incredibly difficult to manipulate. But it turned out that not even Vought knew what the virus was for.

As such, what became obvious was that the virus that Cardosa developed under the supervision of Shetty was there for a more nefarious purpose. She wanted to kill the supes of the world using this virus. And the reason was far more personal than anyone originally thought.

Shetty’s revenge

During the earlier events of episode 7, Marie Moreau and Jordan Li tried to make sense of what Shetty was planning to do and what the virus was for. They decided to infiltrate her office to try to learn more about what she had in mind. That was when they found a document related to Transoceanic Flight 37.

Back in the earlier episodes of ‘The Boys,’ Homelander and Queen Maeve were asked to try to rescue the people of Transoceanic Flight 37 as the plane was about to crash. Homelander, who couldn’t lift the plane while he was flying, was in the middle of a tough situation because he didn’t want to save anyone from that flight as doing so would allow those people to tell the world that Homelander chose to save a few people while sacrificing the rest of the passengers of the plane.


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As such, Homelander did something crazy. Instead of saving everyone on the flight or rescuing a few people in time before the plane crashed, Homelander destroyed the airplane and allowed everyone on it to die. This was one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of ‘The Boys’ as Homelander and Vought tried to keep this out of the knowledge of the general public due to how it would destroy their names.

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So, in ‘Gen V,’ Marie and Jordan found out that Dean Shetty’s child and husband were actually passengers on that flight. This opened up the possibility that she hated supes and wanted them dead because of what happened to her family.

In episode 7, we saw Shetty meeting up with Grace Mallory, who we know is one of the allies of Billy Butcher in ‘The Boys.’ She tried to give intel on the virus to Mallory because she knew that Mallory had been keeping an eye on the supes. But when Mallory found out that this virus had the ability to kill the entire supe population, she opted to reject Shetty’s offer of working with her. As Mallory and Shetty were parting ways, Mallory told her that killing all of the supes wouldn’t bring her family back.

shetty and mallory

Then, during the latter portion of the episode, Cate was able to take control of Shetty using her powers. She forced Shetty to admit that she wanted to kill all the supes and that she was looking to use the virus to commit genocide. And the reason was Homelander.

Shetty was aware of what Homelander did to Flight 37, and that was why she wanted revenge for what the strongest supe in the world did to her family. But her vendetta was addressed to the entire supe population because she thought that the supes’ nature turned them into depraved and immoral people willing to allow humans to die, similar to what Homelander did to her family.


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Of course, we all know that Homelander cannot be killed using conventional methods, as Butcher and the rest of the Boys have tried their best to try to kill the incredibly powerful supe. Shetty thought that this virus was her last hope in killing Homelander. But it turned out that her quest for revenge ultimately overwhelmed and killed her.

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