Deku Is Back for the Final Battle, Thanks to Eri’s Help!

Deku is Back for the Final Battle, Thanks to Eri's Help!

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 is out, and we can finally enjoy the full story and the preparation for the final battle against All For One. Of course, we have already talked about the leaks that came out last week, but there might be those of you who did not read that article as you don’t like spoilers, which is why the content of Chapter 420 might come as a surprise for you. But, while this chapter did not advance the plot that much, it was a great introduction that certainly helped us prepare for the upcoming fight.

The most important moment is, of course, Deku’s return, and in this article, we are actually going to explain what happened and how Deku, who had lost his arms earlier, is now back in the game and will help his allies and friends fight against All For One in the upcoming chapters.

We know that in Chapter 419, Deku appeared in front of All For One after failing to get Todoroki back to normal. The two met in the subconscious realm and Deku was very close to bringing Todoroki back, but ultimately failed, as a fragment of All For One remained in the villain and soon took over, revealing many horrible truths about Todoroki’s purpose in the story and the tragedies that had been striking him throughout his life.

As All For One took over Todoroki and achieved a new form, he and Deku came back to the real world, where Deku soon discovered that he had lost both arms in the previous realm, beginning to shout because of the pain. And while All For One was ready to move in for the kill, as Deku could not do anything in those conditions, his allies started arriving to protect him.

But, while many of them came, it was Aizawa’s arrival that was the most important. Namely, in a flashback scene, we found out that Eri had chipped off her horn and given it to Aizawa to use to help Deku if needed. The time reversal effects of the horn were limited to minutes, but when Aizawa arrived, it proved to be enough. He stung Deku with the horn and the hero’s arms started returning, which is how he is – once again – ready to battle All For One.

There is no chapter this week, as the manga is on a break, but be sure to keep following us for all the updates!

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