Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Episode 8 Shows a Glimpse of Tengen Uzui’s Background Story

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba aired episode 8 dubbed Gathering on January 24th, last Sunday, giving the fandom a glimpse into the background story of the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. By far, we know that Tengen Uzui is everything but modest, proclaiming himself a God of Flashiness, and enjoying the envy caused by the fact that Tengen has three loving wives who even fight by his side. The fandom could see a surprisingly dark origin story of Tengen Uzui.

As Gyutaro challenges the Sound Hashira, the fandom is given a glimpse into the past of Tengen Uzui. What we know about the Sound Hashira is that he is the fastest Hashira of his generation, and also the second strongest, so he was naturally bound to prepare the demons for a bad time and potential defeat. What we didn’t know by far is that Tengen Uzui comes from a clan of shinobi and that his entire family was shinobi. Gyutaro deems it impossible as shinobi are extinct, however, Tengen’s skills prove him wrong.

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As Tengen reveals, there were nine sisters and brothers, including himself, out of which all were trained as shinobi by his rigorous father who considered that the survival of the clan must be placed above everything else. Both, his father and the only surviving brother had many wives, but didn’t treat them well. In the end, Tengen and his brother were the only survivors of the rigorous training that his father designed for them. The only thing Tengen never wanted was to become like his father, while his brother was the spitting image of their father.

Now, Tengen is the only surviving shinobi from his clan and the Sound Hashira, bound to protect humans from demons and demonic forces. Gyutaro already has a hard time fighting Tengen, while the situation became even more stressful for the demon once Tanjiro joined the fight against the Upper Six demon. The next episode should reveal whether Tanjiro and Tengen succeeded in saving the district by killing Gyutaro. Even if they get rid of Gyutaro, they will still need to defeat Daki.  

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