Demon Slayer Episode 7 Entertainment District Arc Reveals a New Demon

Demon Slayer Season 2 Art New Slayer

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The latest episode of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba that aired on January 16th, revealed a new demon joining Daki in the battle against Tengen Uzui and young Demon Slayer. After Nezuko almost mauled Daki to death and tried to satiate her hunger by nearly attacking an innocent human, Tengen Uzui, the powerful Sound Hashira arrived on the battlefield to help Tanjiro and Nezuko who kept Daki more than busy.

After Tanjiro fainted in episode 6, exhausted from the Sun Breathing technique, Nezuko stepped in to save him from certain death threatening from Daki, an Upper Six demon, and Muzan’s demon pet. What the fandom found out is that Muzan had ordered Daki to find and kill Nezuko as she escaped Muzan’s control. What Daki didn’t know – what no one knew – is that Nezuko is far more powerful than we originally thought.


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The latest episode titled Transformation introduced the audience with yet another Upper Six demon – Daki’s brother, Gyutaro. Tengen Uzui arrives on the battlefield where Tanjiro is having problems with constraining Nezuko while trying to protect innocent people from both Daki and Nezuko, and still protect Nezuko and defend everyone from Daki, including himself. Being the fastest Hashira in his generation, Tengen Uzui slices Daki’s head off without her even noticing until her head ends up in her lap.

Tengen Uzui, as flashy as he is, starts provoking Daki, which is when she bursts to tears and summons her brother, Gyutaro. Gyutaro is an Upper Six demon as well, with some powerful sickles as weapons and Blood Demon Art that even Tengen Uzui needs to avoid. Gyutaro and Daki seem to be stronger together, working as one against the Hashira. At the end of the episode, Inosuke and Zenitsu arrive to offer their help, but can they withstand two powerful Upper Six demons, even with all the help they can get?

The battle between Daki and Gyutaro, and Sound Hashira will continue in the next episode titled Gathering. Episode 8 Entertainment District arc should air on January 23rd.

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