Demon Slayer Episode 8 Entertainment District Arc Release Date and Details

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 7 titled Transformation aired on January 16th on Crunchyroll, and we could see the continued battle between Nezuko and Daki, an Upper Six demon. As the title suggests, the transformation was the leitmotif of the episode – however, Nezuko is not the only demon that transformed in the tense and dynamic battle. Daki also went through a transformation, and more than once in the last couple of episodes including episode 7.

The battle is not over yet as Daki showed that defeating her would be a challenge, even with Nezuko kicking the hell out of the beauty-obsessed demon. What the fandom could also see in the last episode was Nezuko’s newly-discovered ability to quickly regenerate, while her regeneration rate was quicker than Daki’s. Daki was surprised, but also equally enraged by the fact that a baby demon such as Nezuko had a chance against her. Nezuko turned out to be of great help, but at what cost for some humanity left in her?

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Nezuko showed her ugly side as well, as great power comes with a great hunger that can only be satisfied with human flesh. Tengen Uzui also joined the battle, once Daki was already worn out after a fight with Tanjiro and later Nezuko in her full transformation. What may have been even scary to watch was Nezuko enjoying the battle even though she was slashed and diced multiple times by Daki’s deadly ribbons.

Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Episode 8 Release Date and Details

The next episode will air on January 23rd, 2022, while premium members can watch the new episode only an hour after it airs in Japan. The episode is titled Gathering, and should show how the battle turns out now that  Tengen Uzui, Zenitsu, and Inosuke arrived to help. In the meantime, Daki is not alone either as she called out for her brother – another Upper Six demon named Gyutaro. Gyutaro emerged from Daki’s body in what may be a highly disturbing transformation and an ace in the sleeve for Daki.  

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