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The latest episode of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba that aired on January 9th, last Sunday, left the audience with a major cliffhanger as the minutes leading to the episode’s end showed us Nezuko’s powerful transformation. Nezuko was once again driven by her love for Tanjiro and humans, leading to a major demon power rank. Hurt and exhausted, Tanjiro collapsed, leaving him vulnerable to Daki’s attack.

If you haven’t watched episode 6 of the Entertainment District arc, you probably shouldn’t continue reading, especially if you don’t enjoy spoilers like the majority of the fandom. Tanjiro got injured by Daki thanks to the demon’s speed and her powerful sharp-edged ribbons. It wasn’t too long into the battle, when Daki showed her full transformation, sensing a Hashira approaching.


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Daki must have felt that Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, was on his way to help Tanjiro, realizing that the District had turned into a battlefield, which lead to her full transformation. By summoning back all the cutting ribbons that Tanjiro had slashed through, Daki becomes stronger, ready to finish Tanjiro off and face a Hashira. Daki killed seven Hashira by far and knows that another such kill would please her master, Muzan.

At the delight of fans around the world, Nezuko saved Tanjiro from certain death by Daki’s hand, at least for now. The anime show fans could see a new transformation of Nezuko for the first time, leading to a power rank for her as a demon. The most interesting thing about Nezuko’s transformation is the fact that she can now regenerate at unbelievably fast rates.

Nezukos transformation ended the last episode as a major cliffhanger, so we can’t wait to see how the new power rank turns out for Nezuko and the group in episode 7. Episode 7 will air on January 16th.  

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