Demon Slayer: “Really, Nezuko is the Best” Ends Episode 7

The latest episode of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba ended with Tanjiro saying “Really, Nezuko is the best” and a smile from Tanjiro as the young Demon Slayer introduced us to the title of the next episode that should air on January 23rd, this Sunday. The new episode is titled Gathering and might refer to the group gathering once again after scouting the Yoshiwara red-light district. Tengen Uzui, Inosuke, and Zenitsu all joined Tanjiro and Nezuko in the battle against Daki, and now her demon brother, Gyutaro.

Is Nezuko really the best like Tanjiro says? If you ask the fandom, yes, Nezuko really is the best. Nezuko’s transformation sparked a wave of awe, showing how powerful Nezuko really is. Her Blood Demon Art that she used on Daki is, perhaps not surprisingly, can only hurt demons. That is why Daki couldn’t heal at her normal rate. Nezuko is always by her brother’s side, and although we’ve seen little of her during the Entertainment District arc, she played a major role in the battle against Daki.

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Daki is an Upper Six demon while Nezuko is just a baby demon that escaped Muzan’s control. Demons are getting stronger with the number of humans they eat, and since Nezuko never hurt or ate a human, it is strange how she finds her strength and is able to become more powerful and transform. She was on the edge of attacking a human after she spent a lot of energy fighting Daki – and enjoying stumping the Upper Six demon.

Still, Tanjiro was able to prevent Nezuko from hurting a human, putting her to sleep with a lullaby and making her remember her own human life. It seems that Nezuko draws her strength and will from her love for Tanjiro and from memories of her human life, which makes her different than other demons. Now that Nezuko is asleep, Tengen Uzui and the group need to find a way to defeat Daki and her older brother, Gyutaro.

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