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After a couple of Demon Slayer episodes showing the search for demons in the Yoshiwara red-light district where Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu had arrived with the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, the group had finally found the demonic culprit. In case you watched all the episodes, you know who turned out to be the demon that had been feeding off humans for centuries – and even if you only watched a couple of episodes, you can surely guess who is hiding behind the evil forces in Yoshiwara.

As the title reveals, Daki, the Upper Six Rank demon and Muzan’s favorite pet (also a beautiful but demonic creature) showed her full demonic form after she sensed a Hashira approaching the battlefield where she faced Tanjiro. Daki managed to retrieve all the ribbon blades that she controls as her very own limbs and which Tanjiro had cut off during the battle. The retrieved ribbons helped the demon regain her strength so she could transform into her final demonic form.


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Even though Daki made a full transformation while expecting a Hashira – another one for the list of seven Hashira she killed over the centuries of her life as a demon – Nezuko appears to have a fair chance against Daki after her own transformation. However, Daki is an ancient Demon and one of Muzan’s favorites, while Nezuko doesn’t feed on human flesh aside from being a rather young demon.

Daki might be difficult to defeat without the help of Tengen Uzui. As a reminder of Uzui’s powers, the Sound Hashira is the second strongest of the current generation and the fastest Hashira in the Corps. If anyone could stand a chance against Daki, it could be Tengen Uzui, the self-proclaimed God of Flashiness.

The next episode, Entertainment District Arc episode 7, could treat us with a glimpse into a battle that might become one of the most epic fights on the show by far.

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