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Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba is already eight episodes into the Entertainment District arc, and the fans could see some truly exceptional battle scenes since the group unveiled an Upper Six demon among the ranks of geishas and beautiful women of the Yoshiwara district. Nezuko went through a significant transformation in episode 7, putting up a jaw-dropping fight against Daki. Nezuko wore out the Upper Six demon as we found out that Muzan had ordered Daki to find and kill Nezuko.

After barely constraining Nezuko to prevent her from killing an innocent human to quench her thirst for human flesh after a demanding fight, Tanjiro finally puts Nezuko to sleep and in the backpack where she is safe. Tanjiro and Nezuko probably wouldn’t make it if Tengen Uzui didn’t finally arrive on the battlefield to help them. Inosuke and Zenitsu also joined the fight, while Daki showed the group that she doesn’t have to fight alone. Another Upper Six demon, Daki’s brother Gyutaro, emerged from her body, revealing a strong opponent.


What to Expect from Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Episode 9?

As the Demon Slayer team was challenged together with the Sound Hashira, Tanjiro and Tengen Uzui fought Gyutaro, and Inosuke and Zenitsu battled Daki. What gave the team a hard time was the fact that the demonic siblings fought simultaneously against both teams, so split in two, the group always fought the brother and sister together. Tengen Uzui and Tanjiro gave Gyutaro a hard time, working in an unprecedented synchronization, which lead Tanjiro to the point where his blade is set on the Gyutaro’s neck, ready to decapitate him.

Although we didn’t see Tanjiro kill Gyutaro in the latest episode, the end cut us right at the point where Tanjiro was ready to put an end to Daki’s brother, who is also the killer of fifteen Hashiras by far. The next episode that should air on January 30th is titled Killing an Upper Rank Demon, which is when we might get to see the outcome of the battle. The Entertainment District arc has two more episodes to air after episode nine, which means that we might get to see more action-packed sequences until the end of the season.    

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