Demon Slayer Season 2 Reveals the Truth Behind Tanjiro’s Scar

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Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 is surely living up to the expectations of fans as we are treated with more details from various plots along with some epic battles and fight scenes. We could witness Tanjiro and Nezuko both pushing their own boundaries and going beyond what may be imaginable with Nezuko’s transformation and Tanjiro’s ability to withstand Daki’s attacks.

Daki is a rather powerful Upper Six demon and Muzan’s pet, with more than a couple of special tasks from her demonic master, one of which involves killing Nezuko. Muzan is feeling uneasy having a demon-like Nezuko escaping his control, which is why he ordered Daki to track and kill Tanjiro’s sister. There were more revelations in the second season, including the origin of Tanjiro’s scar.


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Tanjiro went to visit Kyojuro Rengoku’s family, only to encounter his silent brother in mourning and Kyojuro’s drunken father, Shinjuro Rengoku. Not knowing that Tanjiro knows very little about his background and his faith to become a Demon Slayer, Kyojuro’s father reveals that Tanjiro’s father had the same scar, meaning that he was able to wield the power of the Sun Breathing technique.

As Shinjuro reveals, the Sun Breathing technique is superior to any other, but Tanjiro explains that his scar isn’t a birthmark. Apparently, Tanjiro remembers that his father had a scar similar to his own, but never knew how he got it. Tanjiro got his by saving his little brother from getting burnt from the falling hot teapot. Later in the battle against Daki, Shinjuro’s story becomes more than relevant in Tanjiro’s decision to try and use the Sun Breathing technique.

The origin of the scar puzzled many fans from the beginning, while the fandom also noticed the scar changing from pinkish at the beginning to a dark reddish mark after Tanjiro received his first injuries in season one. What is certain is that Shinjuro Rengoku is convinced that Tanjiro is destined to wield the power of the Sun Breathing.