Demon Slayer: Season 2 Shows the Power of Nezuko’s and Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art

The last episode of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba showed off some serious Demon Blood Art scenes, starting with Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art after her surprising and powerful transformation. Nezuko wasn’t the only one using some exceptional Demon Blood Art as Gyutaro, Daki’s older brother, attacked Tengen Uzui with blood sickles. Gyutaro is another Upper Six demon – he emerged from Daki’s body as she summoned him being in distress because of provocations from Tengen Uzui, the powerful Sound Hashira.

Tengen Uzui cut off Daki’s head, however, that wasn’t enough to defeat the Upper Six demon even though the Sound Hashira made sure to break her spirits by calling her out and letting her know that he doesn’t believe that she is an Upper Six demon – if you aks Tengen, Daki is so weak that she can’t be a high-rank demon. Crushed by Tengen’s provocation, Daki summons her brother, who emerges from her body – another Upper Six demon called Gyutaro.

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We could see some exceptional Blood Demon Art from Nezuko, directed at Daki – Nezuko’s Demon Blood Art is exclusively designed to hurt demons, not humans or Demon Slayers. It was because of Nezuko’s Demon Blood Art that Daki had a hard time healing. Nezuko wasn’t the only demon to use Demon Blood Art, as Gyutaro also attacked Tengen Uzui with blood sickles, a powerful Blood Demon Art that Tengen had to avoid since he couldn’t fight it.

While Tanjiro almost lost Nezuko to her own transformation, given the fact that she nearly attacked and devoured a human, it will be interesting to see how Tengen and the rest of the group would defeat Daki and Gyutaro when two demons are stronger together and when Nezuko was finally put to sleep with Tanjiro’s lullaby. Daki was fairly exhausted from her fight with Nezuko, but she is getting stronger and is protected by her psychotic and petty demon brother.

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