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Demon Slayer episode 6 Entertainment District arc might be the best episode in the second part of season 2 by far. The episode was packed with action and fans all over the world are going crazy on social media while sharing their excitement regarding the last episode that aired on January 9th. The focus of the episode was a battle between Daki, an Upper Six demon, and Muzan’s favorite pet. Daki is pretty much following Muzan’s orders, wanting to make her master proud of her.

Daki already killed seven Hashira in her demon life, making her stronger with each Hashira she kills, which is why she was thrilled to sense that another Hashira is coming her way at the end of episode 6 (season 2 episode 13). We advise you not to read any further in case you still haven’t had a chance to watch the last episode as there are spoilers ahead – the episode was too exciting not to talk about it.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13 (Episode 6) Spoiler Alert

One of the fans on Twitter emphasized the fact that people often think that Nezuko is overrated and that Tanjiro is weak for forgiving demons, however, the last episode may have certainly shut down some of the comments with a similar stance. Daki went through a serious transformation upon sensing the arrival of a Hashira, wanting to please her master, while Tanjiro collapsed exhausted from Hinokami Kagura, deemed too slow for Daki.


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He still managed to hold his ground long enough for Nezuko to arrive and step between the Upper Six demon and prove that she was special once again. Nezuko also went through a major transformation and the audience found out that Muzan ordered Daki to kill Nezuko as she is one of the rare demons that managed to escape his control. The next episode, season 2 episode 14, or episode 7 in the Entertainment District arc should be even more exciting and Tengen Uzui is arriving on the battlefield.