Demon Slayer: Who is Gyutaro and What to Expect from This Upper Six Demon?

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 7 into the Entertainment District arc treated the fandom with an extra tense battle between Daki and Nezuko, while Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira also joined the battle at one point. It took some time for Tengen Uzui to find his wives and help Inosuke defeat the Obi demon, together freeing Zenitsu as well. Tengen Uzui arrived when Daki was already exhausted and mauled by Nezuko and since Nezuko used a special Demon Blood Art, Daki had a hard time healing from her injuries.

As soon as the Sound Hashira arrived, he started to provoke Daki, not believing that she is an Upper Six demon, deeming it impossible for her to be one of the Twelve Kizuki as he had no trouble defeating her – so he thought. Tengen cut Daki’s head and instead of finishing her off, he continued being flashy as only Tengen can be, teasing her and making her burst into tears. This was a turning point for Daki and Tengen and his team, as Daki summoned her brother – another Upper Six demon.

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Gyutaro, Daki’s brother is also an Upper Six demon and a part of the Twelve Kizuki together with his younger sister. As we could see in the last episode, Gyutaro is really petty, which is one of the characteristics that he kept from his human life. What anime fans don’t know is that Gyutaro went through hardships in his human life, always envious of those who had better opportunities and more in life than him. He preserved that characteristic, which can be seen in his encounter with Tengen Uzui.

Gyutaro even hurts himself out of anger before attacking, making him even more creepy and wicked than he probably is. He is jealous of Tengen for having three wives – much like Zenitsu is – but unlike Zenitsu, Gyutaro is ready to attack, even letting some of the Sound Hashira’s blood. Gyutaro and Daki are certainly stronger together than alone, which should create a tense and dynamic atmosphere as the battle continues in the upcoming episode.  

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