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Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 7 in the Entertainment District arc will air next Sunday on January 16th, and in the meanwhile, we can rewatch the last episode and admire the elaborate scene of the battle between Daki and Tanjiro, later joined by Nezuko. In the meanwhile, we can also discuss the meaning of the Blue Spider Lily and the fact that Akaza is tasked with finding the rare flower.

After his encounter with Tanjiro, upon battling and killing the Flame Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro, Akaza promised to kill Tanjiro the next time they meet, angered by Tanjiro’s provocation. We could see a scene in one of the episodes of the new arc where Akaza is tasked with finding the Blue Spider Lily. Unlike the famous flower often mentioned in Japanese folklore, Red Spider Lily, the Demon Slayer version of the plant doesn’t exist.


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Anyways, Blue Spider Lily plays a major role in the story of Muzan, which is why it is no wonder that Akaza is the one to search for the mythical flower. Muzan often gives Akaza special tasks, considering the demon to be loyal, strong, and having a will to be even stronger and more powerful. What Akaza may or may not know is the reason why Muzan is looking for the mysterious plant.

Blue Spider Lily: Muzan’s Story Spoiler Alert

What Demon Slayer manga readers may already know, and anime fans don’t is the reason why Muzan needs Blue Spider Lily. The flower is the main ingredient to medicine that Muzan once needed to keep him alive, and which caused him to crave human flesh and become immortal. He wants to create a perfect body for himself, for which he needs the legendary flower that only blooms three days in a year and can be picked only in daylight.

How will Akaza find Blue Spider Lily, and more importantly how will the demon have it picked in daylight without dying?