Demon Slayer: Zenitsu At His Finest in Episode 8 Entertainment District Arc

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District arc is slowly progressing towards a significant crescendo as we only have a couple of more weeks ahead before the second season ends. Zenitsu has been one of Tanjiro’s friends almost since the very beginning of the story, while Inosuke joined them later as a friend who cares, but pretends not to, which is probably expected from someone who is wearing a boar head, day to day. Zenitsu has been known for his cowardice since the very beginning of the anime show, also getting a sparrow when he joined the Corps while everyone else got Kasugai Crows.

Zenitsu was also known, and he still is, by his obsession for pretty girls, while the fans had a chance to see his other side – the badass side of Zenitsu that is awakened every time Zenitsu loses his consciousness during stressful moments, when he is scared, or when he is faced to a major challenge. Zenitsu made a worthy opponent to a couple of low-rank demons that way, but he surprised the audience with his performance against Daki as he was more offensive than defensive.

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Zenitsu was driven by his chivalry and courage, as well as by his need to help others, especially girls. As he remembered Daki treating a girl badly because of the earrings, and making her ear bleed even, Zenitsu made her apologize before she refused and he attacked the Upper Six demon. Inosuke soon joined the battle while Tengen and Tanjiro fought Gyutaro. Zenitsu is, of course, in one of his famous trances where he is showing a completely different side of his personality – a collected, calm and courageous warrior.

It’s been a pleasure watching Zenitsu transform, and hopefully, as his character develops, he would be able to summon his strength without being frightened to fight. For now, it is fun to watch two opposite sides of Zenitsu’s character switching places. However, is Zenitsu’s trance state enough to defeat Daki and her brother? Luckily, young Demon Slayers are together with the full support of Tengen Uzui.

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