Despite Early Repots, ‘Shōgun’ Season 2 Is Officially in Development as Hiroyuki Sanada Confirms Return

Despite Early Repots, 'Shōgun' Season 2 is Officially in Development as Hiroyuki Sanada Confirms Return

Based on the eponymous 1975 novel by James Clavell, FX’s and Hulu’s Shōgun became an absolute hit. Although it wasn’t the first adaptation of the novel, it fully surpassed the 1980 series and became a critical and commercial success, both in the West and in Japan. The series was initially marketed as a 10-episode mini-series (i.e., a limited series), but after the show’s success, many fans demanded a second season of the series, which made sense, since Shōgun is indeed one of the best series we’ve seen in recent years and is a hot contender for the Emmys.

But, while the cast and crew initially confirmed that they did not plan for a second season, since there is no additional material from the novel, it seems that things have changed at FX and Hulu, as it has been confirmed that a second season of Shōgun is in development and that Hiroyuki Sanada, the main actor from the series, has signed on for a second season.

As we have said, it was initially said that the series would probably not be getting a second season, as the first season adapted the whole book, which meant that there was no material to work on. And while the possibility of a second season was not excluded in the case a good story appeared, it seemed that everyone was preparing the public for an ending. But, as things stand now, things have changed!

Now, we have to say immediately that a second season has not been greenlit yet and that everything we are talking about needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but we can confirm that FX is working hard on making a second season happen.

It seems that the production company will try to stay true to the original promise when it was said that a second season would be made only in case of a good story appearing. This is why FX is tweaking all the details right now and it could take some time before we see the series once more, but everyone’s working hard to make it happen. As stated, details are still being worked out and we expect more updates in the following weeks.

What we can confirm, though, is that Hiroyuki Sanada – the main star of the first season of the series – has signed on to appear in a second season if FX manages to work everything out, so we at least know that we’ll see out favorite shōgun back in the same role.

This is all that we have at this moment, but be sure to keep following us, as we are going to bring you all the news and updates as soon as they arrive!

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