Despite Recent Rumors, Adam Wingard Won’t Be Back for ‘Godzilla x Kong 3’

Despite Recent Rumors, Adam Wingard Won't Be Back for 'Godzilla x Kong 3'

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire was released a couple of months ago as the most recent installment in the MonsterVerse franchise. And while the movie received mixed reviews from critics and is one of the installments with the lowest score, the fans loved it and the movie became one of the biggest titles on the box office this year, earning a lot of money. The movie was directed by Adam Wingard and it was actually expected that the director would remain with the franchise, as per our earlier reports. But, sad news comes from Hollywood, as it has been confirmed that Wingard quit the franchise (for now), so he won’t be the director of the planned Godzilla x Kong 3 movie.

We have to say that we knew that Wingard’s next project wouldn’t be Godzilla x Kong 3, as we have recently reported that he accepted to direct Onslaught for A4, but despite that, it had been expected that he would be back for Godzilla x Kong 3, seeing how well the movie did under his direction. But that won’t be happening as things stand.

There is a silver lining in all of this, as – from what we can understand – the departure is a result of a scheduling conflict and it seems that Onslaught really is to blame. As we’ve said, Onslaught will reunite Wingard and his frequent collaborator Simon Barrett, with whom he is also supposedly working on the ThunderCats movie as well. This means that he won’t have the time to do another movie for a while, and the studio behind the MonsterVerse franchise seemingly doesn’t want to wait.

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings writer Dave Callaham was quickly hired to write the script for Godzilla x Kong 3, signaling that the studio actually wants to make the movie their priority. With Wingard currently working on another project, it meant that he would not be available for Godzilla x Kong 3, and it seems that the MonsterVerse heads simply did not want to wait that long. So, sadly, it all comes down to a scheduling conflict, which is a bummer to be honest.

Wingard did some good things for the movie, as per the fan reactions, and seeing him depart the franchise will surely be a disappointment for many fans who expected Godzilla x Kong 3 to be similar to the second movie. Now, this doesn’t mean that the upcoming sequel will be radically different, but Wingard’s signature touch will be missing.

The good news here is that the break was amicable and that neither side excluded the possibility of a future collaboration, so Wingard may still come back to the MonsterVers franchise later, when the schedules allow it. Of course, we are going to bring you all the updates on the MonsterVerse franchise, so be sure to keep following us!

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