Dexter is coming back: The first teaser trailer is here!

Dexter is coming back: The first teaser trailer is here!

Showtime has begun to reveal a bit of what awaits us in the new episodes of Dexter TV show, and the latest teaser trailer has brought us the first look at Michael C. Hall in the role of the title serial killer.

A new short teaser takes Dexter Morgan back to where we left him at the end of season eight – in the woods – where the killer hides from the police and plays a lumberjack.

In the new video he saw a fire burning in a snowy forest, with an ax in a stump. As the camera moves away from that scene it takes us inside the walls of the hut, where Dexter looks out the window. With the lyrics of the song Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, he turns around, and in the reflection in the window we see his new victim on the table in front of him.

The details we’ve received so far about the new episodes reveal to us how this upcoming season will put Dexter in New York and give the series a new ending, after the 2013 final episode disappointed many fans. Showtime has announced that they have no intention of continuing the series after the upcoming 10 episodes, no matter how much viewership there will be.

In the new episodes, which arrive this fall, in addition to Hall, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Jamie Chung, Oscar Wahlberg, Jack Alcott and Michael Cyril Creighton will star. Clancy Brown will also join the cast in the role of the new villain Dexter will have to face.

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