Did Disney Apologize to Johnny Depp for Firing Him? (& Will They Bring Him Back)

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Famous actor Johnny Depp has been suffering huge losses lately, especially when he was charged with different counts of abuse against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. While Depp is still in the middle of court battles to clear his name, he still ended up losing several roles, including Grindelwald in the huge Fantastic Beasts movie series. Disney also reportedly dropped him from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But did Disney ever apologize to Johnny Depp?

As of this moment, Disney is yet to make any statement regarding Johnny Depp because of the fact that he is yet to clear his name legally. As such, there is no telling whether or not Disney will ever apologize to him or even bring him back for another Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard problems are deep and full of different issues that need to be addressed individually. We are not privy to what really happened between them and who between them is telling the truth. Nevertheless, the entire fiasco cost johnny Depp several roles that would have been lucrative. Now, let’s look at his relationship with Disney.

Did Disney Apologise To Johnny Depp For Firing Him?

One of the most iconic Disney characters of all time is Captain Jack Sparrow, who was played by Johnny Depp in five different Pirates of the Caribbean films. Depp basically owned that role in a franchise that was able to have five different films in 14 years and garnered a total of $4.5 billion at the box office. In that regard, it is safe to say that his role as Jack Sparrow is his biggest and most lucrative role ever.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp brought life to the eccentric pirate, who he portrayed perfectly by giving him mannerisms and by allowing him to be a wacky, goofy, yet very witty character that fans cannot help but love. In that regard, a good portion of the success of the entire Pirates of the Caribbean franchise can be attributed to Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow.

But while people have been equating Jack Sparrow with Johnny Depp because you can’t think of anyone else acting the iconic role, Disney thought otherwise due to a huge personal issue involving the popular actor’s life.

It was in 2016 when Amber Heard, who was then Johnny Depp’s wife, accused the star of several counts of abuse during their time as a married couple. News broke out, and several pieces of evidence allowed people to believe that Heard was indeed the aggrieved party in this case and was actually the victim of abuse from Depp, despite the fact that there were also reports that say that she could’ve been lying.

Nevertheless, several film companies were quick to drop Johnny Depp from their roster of movies because they didn’t want to end up on the wrong end of the public backlash if it was indeed proven that he was guilty of abuse. One of the most notable roles that he lost during the entire mess with Amber Heard is Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise that’s set in the Harry Potter universe. He played Grindelwald, a dark wizard second only to Voldemort’s power, for two movies.


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After that, it was also reported in 2018 that a Disney executive confirmed that they were dropping Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise even though he was one of the names that made the entire five-movie run as popular as it is. 

Nevertheless, Johnny Depp is still in the middle of several court battles with Amber Heard not only to help clear his name up but also to score wins against her in other cases, specifically the defamation case he has over his ex-wife. This case is reportedly going to be televised because of how big of an issue it is.

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As such, Depp is yet to totally clear his name or to prove that he wasn’t in the wrong in the entire mess that he has with Heard. Considering that there is yet to be any news regarding Johnny Depp proving his side in the entire issue with Amber Heard once and for all, there is no reason for the film companies that dropped him to apologize to him for dropping him.

That said, in relation to Disney, there is no reason for the Disney executives to apologize to him for firing him, considering that he is yet to clear his name. Even if he were to clear his name, it is unheard of for a big company to apologize to an actor for dropping his name off of their roster, regardless of what any court ruling says about the issue Johnny Depp is in. So, the apology might not even happen regardless of what will happen during the legal battles between Depp and Heard.

Will Disney Bring Johnny Depp Back?

As of this moment, there is nothing that would suggest that Disney is planning to bring Johnny Depp back. There has been no hint regarding their plans of bringing the superstar actor back to the company to play a future role. And Disney has been silent regarding this issue since 2018, when they dropped Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean roster.

That means that it is unlikely that Disney will ever bring Johnny Depp back into the fold unless there is something that would almost entirely clear the actor’s name up and if Disney and Depp were to actually find a way to have an amicable conversation with one another regarding future roles in future movies.

Will Johnny Depp Return As Jack Sparrow?

While we may have seen the last of Johnny Depp’s run as the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney has been developing the sixth movie in the longstanding series of films because it is one of the most lucrative sets of movies in the history of cinema. But will Disney ever bring Depp back as Jack Sparrow?

It is unlikely that Disney will bring Jack Sparrow back because of the fact that they were clear that they have dropped his name from the franchise. On top of that, the delays that the next movie is seeing are due to the fact that they have to overhaul their plans for the sixth movie.


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There are reports that Kaya Scodelario, who appeared as Barbossa’s daughter in the previous movie, is contractually set to appear in the sixth film of the franchise. Meanwhile, Brenton Thwaites, who appeared as Will and Elizabeth Turner’s son in the fifth movie, could also return. 

However, the biggest news is that there is a reboot that is in development and that Margot Robbie is going to fill in the shoes left by Jack Sparrow. Nevertheless, nothing is set in stone at the moment. But the current trajectory of the franchise is that it’s going in a direction away from the Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean era and will now begin anew with fresh faces that could very well allow Disney to develop more movies with a roster of new stars.

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