Did Juliette Kill in First Kill, & Who?


First Kill is an interesting series to watch for those who can’t get enough of vampire romance stories as this explores a Romeo and Juliet kind of romance that explores the narrative behind a vampire and a monster hunter, both of whom are young teenage girls. These girls are Juliette and Calliope. The title of the series says it all as vampires need to be able to have their first kill as a rite of passage. So, does Juliette kill in First Kill, and who did she kill?

Juliette does indeed kill in First Kill. Her first kill happened on the night of her consecration ceremony when the monster hunters attacked the Legacy vampires. During her escape, Juliette and Calliope got attacked by Clayton Cook. Juliette was forced to kill him to protect herself and Calliope.

Killing is one of the biggest themes in the entire First Kill series, as both vampires and monster hunters alike need to have their first kill so that they can prove their worth to their people. But Juliette finds it difficult to accept the fact that she needed to kill because she doesn’t have the same mindset as the other vampires. Nevertheless, she was forced to do so in the series.

Why Does Juliette In First Kill Need To Kill?

One of the most interesting shows that you may want to watch if you’re someone who is into fantasy romance stories is First Kill. And this series tends to be great at combining a lot of different elements into one unique show that can prove to be quite entertaining.

First Kill is first and foremost a story that involves the LGBTQ romantic story behind a vampire and a monster hunter. Juliette is the vampire, and Calliope is the monster hunter. These teenage girls, however, are yet to prove themselves to their respective families because they need to have their first kill so that they can move up the ladder.


What Happened to Calliope at the End of First Kill Season 1?

While killing isn’t something that Calliope was pressured to do because monster hunters don’t have a sacred tradition that forces younger members of the guild to be able to have their first kill early on, the story is different for Juliette because she is a Legacy vampire.

Legacy vampires belong to the oldest bloodline of vampires because they are direct descendants of the original vampire named Lilith. One of the things that these vampires need to do to become full-fledged Legacies is to kill. It is only by killing that they are accepted as Legacy vampires that can also become some of the leaders of the vampire community.


Considering that she is a Legacy, Juliette was pressured by her family and her older sister named Elinor to have her first kill soon because she was already coming of age. Elinor is a successful and power-hungry Legacy who has worked her way up because she holds on to her family’s traditions to heart and is one of the vampires truly loyal to her nature. Of course, Juliette has to live up to the pressure of having to look up to Elinor while avoiding becoming a disgrace like her older brother. And that was when she spotted Calliope as someone who she wanted to be her first kill.

Does Juliette Kill In First Kill?

Ever since the first episode, Juliette was already eyeing Calliope as a possible target for her first kill because she was unusually attracted to her. She already felt some sort of a sexual attraction to Cal, but Jules was beginning to think that this was just more than mere attraction. And that was when she knew that her vampire instincts were telling her that Calliope was going to be her first kill.

Jules and her best friend named Ben attended a party. Calliope, despite believing that parties are stupid, also came to that party. Juliette and Cal found themselves alone in the pantry and made out. That was when Jules attempted to kill Cal by biting her.

However, what Juliette didn’t know was that Cal was from a family of monster hunters and had already been eyeing her as her possible first kill as well. Calliope was looking to make her family proud by earning her first kill as well so that she could help her family rise in the Guardian Guild, a group dedicated to hunting monsters. When she realized that Jules could be a vampire, she sprung her honey trap and decided to go to the party as well.

As Juliette bit Calliope, the monster hunter brought out her stake and stabbed Jules with it. The two panicked and fled the scenes. Juliette, upon returning home, claimed to her family that she had just had her first kill, even though she knew that she had failed to kill Calliope. The only other person who knew about it at that time was Elinor.


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Upon announcing to her mother that she had just had her first kill, the family immediately prepared for her consecration ceremony, which is like the coming-of-age celebration of a Legacy vampire. This ceremony is meant to make it official that a Legacy vampire has truly come of age and is now a true member of the Legacy bloodline. But Jules was afraid of what could happen if she ended up getting rejected during her consecration ceremony because she had never had her first kill yet.


While waiting for the consecration ceremony, Juliette and Calliope both had encounters with one another at school. At first, they were both apprehensive of one another, but they soon realized that they had feelings for one another. Throughout that time, Cal’s family also realized that she had stumbled into a Legacy vampire, which is a type of vampire that cannot be killed through normal means. As such, the entire monster hunter guild decided to ambush the Legacies during Juliette’s consecration ceremony.

Cal decided to help Jules escape the entire mess while monster hunters and vampires alike were killing one another. That was when Jules had her true first kill, despite the fact that she was never someone who wanted to kill out for the sake of tradition.

So, yes, Juliette did indeed kill in First Kill because she needed to do so and not because she wanted to. Throughout the series, she was portrayed to be someone who didn’t hold on to her family’s traditions as much as her mother or her sister did. She didn’t understand why she needed to kill because she was more human than a vampire. Nevertheless, she still had to kill when she and Calliope were in a position where the only thing that she could do was to kill.

Who Was Juliette’s First Kill?

As Juliette and Calliope were escaping the mess stemming from the attack of the monster hunters on the consecration ceremony, they encountered a monster hunter in the form of Clayton Cook, who had been harassing Cal the entire time.

Because Jules wanted to protect Cal and her friends from this deranged and psychopathic monster hunter, the only thing she could do was to kill him. As such, Juliette did indeed kill in First Kill. But unlike the other Legacy vampires, her first kill came due to necessity and not because she wanted to kill for the sake of killing.

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