Did The Mandalorians Break Moff Gideon Out? & Why Did They Do It?

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One of the biggest twists of The Mandalorian season 3 came during the ending of episode 5 when it was revealed that the ship carrying Moff Gideon to his war tribunal was hijacked, with the former Imperial officer gone. Captain Carson Teva, the man investigating the incident, saw traces of Beskar steel in the ship as he thought the Mandalorians broke Moff Gideon out. So, did the Mandalorians really break Gideon out?

It is possible that the Mandalorians did indeed break Gideon out because they wanted him to face judgment the Mandalorian way instead of allowing the New Republic to determine his sentence. However, it is also possible that the Imperial remnants were the ones that broke him out and merely framed the Mandalorians.

At this point, the twists and turns in The Mandalorian just keep coming, and we aren’t sure whether or not all our speculations are correct because there are more and more revelations coming our way in every single episode of season 3. That said, no one is exactly sure whether or not the Mandalorians are guilty. And that’s why we’re here to examine whether The Mandalorians really did break Gideon out.

Who Broke Moff Gideon Out?

Season 3 of The Mandalorian promises to be the biggest one yet, as we’ve seen a lot of different twists and turns that have been revealed ever since the first episode of the new season. Of course, we know that Din Djarin and Grogu are now living and working together with Bo-Katan Kryze and the rest of the other members of their Mandalorian tribe just after Moff Gideon was defeated and given to the New Republic for trial.

But it was already hinted a few episodes back that Gideon may have been broken out of prison and wasn’t even able to get to the war tribunal that was supposed to try him for his crimes against the New Republic. This, however, was proven by Captain Carson Teva, a hero of the Rebellion and a member of the New Republic Defense Fleet, in season 3.


Teva, who mostly stayed in the galaxy’s outer rim, noticed that there were movements related to the Empire and that there was a good possibility that the remnants of the former regime were putting a plan into motion. While the New Republic failed to hear him out because there had to be plenty of red tape processes that he had to go through, he eventually noticed that something had happened regarding Gideon.

During his patrol in space, Teva found a hijacked Republic ship that had been attacked and no longer had any survivors. Through his scans, he found out that this was the very same ship that was supposed to carry Moff Gideon to his war tribunal, but the former Imperial officer’s body was never found. What made things worse was that further scans indicated Beskar Steel remnants in the ship. Teva concluded that the Mandalorians were the ones responsible for hijacking the ship and taking Gideon.

In that regard, there’s a good chance that the Mandalorians were the ones that broke Gideon out, especially when you consider the fact that the former Moff of the Empire committed serious crimes against the Mandalorians during the Rebellion. Remember that it was Moff Gideon that led the Empire in the bombing of the planet during the Great Purge of Mandalore and was the one who defeated Bo-Katan Kryze to acquire the Darksaber, which is now in Din Djarin’s possession after he defeated the Moff at the end of season 2.


What Happened to Mandalore? Why Was It Destroyed?

So, if it is true that the Mandalorians were responsible for breaking Gideon out, their actions could have dire consequences. Of course, we know that Din Djarin wasn’t the one who captured Gideon because we’ve followed his actions since he defeated the Moff. This means that the likely culprits among the Mandalorians could be the ones who are most loyal and closest to the Armorer, whose motives have become somewhat mysterious as of late, especially after allowing Bo-Katan Kryze to remove her helmet without making her face the consequences. Paz Vizsla could also be the culprit, especially after telling Din in The Book of Boba Fett that he should have killed Moff Gideon.

Of course, there’s a good chance that the Mandalorians are innocent and that the ones who freed Gideon were his loyal followers in the Empire. We know that Gideon’s faction stole Beskar from Mandalore when he destroyed the planet, which means that he would have had access to the Beskar Steel found on the hijacked ship.


Moff Gideon is pissed off at the Mandalorians because several of them, including Din Djarin, Boba Fett, and Bo-Katan, foiled his plans back in season 2. As such, he needs to find a way to make the Mandalorians pay for what they did to him. Using the New Republic against them might be a great way to eliminate both enemies from the equation without him firing a single Imperial blaster.

We know that Elia Kane is seemingly still working for the Empire after the stunt that she pulled off back in episode 3. That could mean there’s a good chance that the Empire is still working behind the scenes, as Teva speculated. And one of Gideon’s moves might be related to the fact that he wants the Mandalorians and the New Republic to be at odds with one another so that he and his faction can recover and rise once more without anyone hindering them.

Why Did The Mandalorians Break Gideon Out?

Of course, if the Mandalorians were indeed the ones responsible for breaking Moff Gideon out, there could be some reasons that we could actually point to. And this goes back to the fact that Gideon was there during the destruction of Mandalore.


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As Vizsla told Din, Moff Gideon should’ve been killed. Instead, Din did the right thing by handing him over to the New Republic. And this might not be in line with the Way of the Mandalore, especially considering that Gideon was responsible for crimes against the Mandalorians and their home planet.

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This could point to the possibility that a certain group of Mandalorians within the Children of the Watch did indeed hijack the ship carrying Moff Gideon so that they could take custody of him and have him face trial the Mandalorian way. Of course, we’ve seen Din Djarin’s tribe hiding secretly on a remote planet without Gideon in their custody. That could mean that the Mandalorians that may have taken Gideon would have kept him in a secure location that only they would know.

However, we are of the opinion that the Mandalorians may not have been the ones responsible for taking Moff Gideon because the Children of the Watch have always been in constant movement to hide themselves from the outside world. In that regard, it would be too difficult for them to be the ones who have custody over Gideon while constantly moving from one location to another. And as we saw in episode 5, the Mandalorians weren’t even too worried about Carson Teva and his request for aid in Nevarro.

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