Discover the Russian Supernatural TV Show ‘Pishcheblok (Kitchenblock)!’ (Trailer)

Discover the Russian Supernatural TV Show 'Pishcheblok (Kitchenblock)!' (Trailer)

KinoPoisk HD announced that the new series Pishcheblok / Kitchenblock will arrive on May 19. It is a Russian talent series of eight episodes, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov. The director of the series is Svyatoslav Podgaevsky (Yaga. Nightmare of the Dark Forest), and the screenplay is signed by Alexander Talal (Glaciers, Day Watch).

The action takes place in the pioneer camp “Petrel” in the summer of 1980. There has just been a new shift of children getting to know each other, having fun and participating in various activities. However, when night falls, something strange begins to happen. More and more children are starting to behave extremely obediently, and the reason for the change in behavior lies in something supernatural…

“Pishcheblok is based on Richard Dawkins’ theory of memetics. The essence of memetics is that all major phenomena are considered information complexes. State, religion, art, morality are complexes of ideas, statements, behaviors, etc. And these complexes behave like biological systems. They compete with each other, destroy themselves, fight for a place under the sun. So, for example, the forest and the steppe are fighting against each other. Or an anthill.

According to Dawkins, history is a struggle of information systems. In Pishcheblok, I described the interaction of information systems. There are three of them. The first is childhood, with its horror stories, puzzles, games, laws, folklore and everything else. The second complex is a pioneer with its flags, songs, booths and performances. The third is vampirism with its blood, rules and other horrors. ” – stated Alexei Ivanov.

Pishcheblok is an amazing series for the widest possible audience. There is a fun action including vampires, a retro drama for a nostalgic viewer and, of course, a philosophical parable about a totalitarian society.” said producer Dmitry Nelidov.

Starring Peter Natarov, Daniil Vershinin, Roman Madyanov, Angelina Strechina, Irina Pegova, Sergey Shakurov and Ilya Korobko.

Check out the trailer for Pishcheblok

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