Disney Has Banned Johnny Depp From Appearing in the Upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Movie!

Disney Has Banned Johnny Depp From Appearing in The Upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean Movie!

The report suggests that Disney has refused to entertain the idea of ​​Johnny Depp appearing in a cameo role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

The actor became a world-famous superstar thanks to the role of pirate Jack Sparrow in the original film of the franchise, which earned him an Oscar nomination and led him to the lead role in all four sequels.

Depp thus continued to be one of the highest-grossing stars in the 2000s and 2010s, appearing in several other Disney movies, including Alice in Wonderland.

Unfortunately, the actor has gone through a series of personal problems in recent years. A public lawsuit against a British tabloid that called him an “abuser” ended in an embarrassing loss.

As a result, the actor was removed from his latest franchise, Fantastic Beasts, where he played the dark wizard Grindelwald, although he was still paid $16 million for a week of work on the film.

That all, unfortunately, means that we won’t be seeing Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for the upcoming sixth installment. Instead, Disney is working on relaunching the franchise starring Margot Robbie.

Even though I really like Margot, and she was crazy as Harley, which makes me want to see her in the role of pirate-like Jack Sparrow (not exactly him), Depp is what made the Pirates franchise just like that franchise made him.

We’ll see how it goes, I will definitely give it a chance, but there is only one Jack Sparrow!

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