Disney Just Revealed Frozen 3 & 4 in the Works!

Frozen 4

Disney has just given Frozen fans a reason to celebrate. In a surprising announcement, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that not only is ‘Frozen 3‘ underway, but a fourth installment is also in the pipeline. This news comes even before Frozen 3 hits the theaters, showing Disney’s deep confidence in this beloved franchise.

The announcement was made during Iger’s appearance on Good Morning America, following the opening of the “World of Frozen” at Disneyland in Hong Kong. It’s clear that Disney is doubling down on the magic of Frozen, a story that has captured hearts globally.

What’s particularly exciting is that Jennifer Lee, the creative genius behind the first two Frozen films, is leading the development of these new chapters. Her involvement is a big deal because it ensures that the original charm and creativity of ‘Frozen’ will continue to shine through.


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Iger’s news doesn’t just stop at movies. He also spoke about the new Frozen-themed land in Disneyland. It’s designed to be a fully immersive experience, where visitors can feel like they’re stepping right into the world of ‘Frozen.’ Imagine meeting Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and other beloved characters in person, or dining in restaurants straight out of the movie’s enchanting world. This new addition to Disneyland is a testament to Frozen’s impact and popularity.

As a fan, it’s heartwarming to see Disney investing in stories that bring so much joy and inspiration. With Jennifer Lee at the helm and Disney’s commitment to expanding the ‘Frozen’ universe, there’s a lot to look forward to. So, get ready to return to the magical world of Arendelle, not just once, but twice more!

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