Doctor Who 60th-Anniversary Special Episodes Ranked

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In 2023, “Doctor Who” celebrated its remarkable 60th anniversary with a trio of special episodes, taking fans on a nostalgic yet fresh journey through time and space. These specials, airing from November 25 to December 9, not only marked the return of Russell T Davies as showrunner but also brought back beloved characters, creating a buzz among the Whovian community. As we rank these episodes, it’s a walk down memory lane and a peek into the future of this iconic series. Let’s dive into these specials, each unique in its own right, and see how they stack up.

3. The Star Beast

doctor who The Star Beast

“The Star Beast” serves as a compelling kickoff to the “Doctor Who” 60th Anniversary specials, boasting a significant viewership boost. David Tennant’s return as the Doctor is a delightful treat, capturing the essence of his iconic portrayal with a familiar confidence and charisma. The dynamic between Tennant and Catherine Tate, reprising her role as Donna Noble, is as captivating as ever, with their on-screen chemistry bringing both humor and depth to the episode. The introduction of new characters, such as Shirley Anne Bingham, and the inclusion of Donna’s family, adds fresh dimensions to the narrative.

However, the episode isn’t without its shortcomings. While it succeeds in addressing the meta-crisis and reuniting the Doctor with Donna, some plot elements, particularly those concerning Donna’s daughter Rose, feel forced and disrupt the narrative flow. The attempt to address Rose’s transgender identity, while commendable for its representation, sometimes comes across as too direct and disrupts the storytelling rhythm. Nevertheless, the episode’s character-driven approach and nostalgic elements make it a memorable part of the anniversary celebration.

2. Wild Blue Yonder

doctor who Wild Blue Yonder

“Wild Blue Yonder” presents an innovative mix of science fiction and horror, set against the backdrop of a mysterious starship. The episode showcases David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s evolved chemistry, blending humor and emotional depth in their portrayals of the Doctor and Donna. The narrative cleverly integrates themes of identity and fear, with alien antagonists that feed off emotions, subtly commenting on the exploitative nature of social media. The balance between tension and comedic relief, especially in scenes featuring alien copies, adds a unique flavor to the episode.


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Some aspects, however, might not resonate with all fans. References to the “Flux” arc have been met with mixed reactions, and the episode’s focus on a character-driven story over complex plotlines may not satisfy viewers seeking more intricate narratives. Despite these points, the episode’s imaginative storytelling, enhanced by high production values and strong performances, sets a new standard for the series. For a more detailed discussion, check out our full review of “Wild Blue Yonder” here.

1. The Giggle

Doctor Who: The Giggle

“The Giggle” stands out as a remarkable episode in the “Doctor Who” anniversary lineup, characterized by its emotional depth and compelling storytelling. David Tennant’s return as the Doctor is masterful, blending his iconic charm with a newfound maturity. The introduction of Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker adds a thrilling new adversary to the series, with his performance striking a perfect balance between terror and humor. The episode’s exploration of themes such as memory, identity, and redemption adds layers of complexity to the Doctor’s character.

Despite these strengths, the episode’s title and the concept of bi-regeneration suggest potential for further exploration, which might leave some viewers wanting more. The narrative, while engaging, could benefit from expanding on the supporting characters’ backgrounds, providing them with more depth beyond their immediate roles. Nonetheless, “The Giggle” is a testament to the series’ enduring appeal, combining strong performances, a gripping narrative, and high production values. Dive into our comprehensive review of “The Giggle” for more insights.

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