Doctor Who Season 13 Teaser Trailer Shows Jodie Whittaker for One Last Season

Doctor Who Season 13 Teaser Trailer

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We have just got a brand new trailer for the thirteenth season of Doctor Who, and the last for Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor. Doctor Who is coming back later this year and the season is reduced to only six episodes.

This season will see Jodie Whittaker for the last time as The Doctor, as she will leave the franchise in 2022 after a series of specials.

Current showrunner Chris Chibnall is also leaving the show in 2022. It was recently announced that fan favorite, and the original creator of the Doctor Who revival, Russell T. Davies is replacing him for the 60th anniversary and after.

We are still waiting for the next full trailer, after the first one shown at SDCC 2021. Until then, we have gotten this teaser trailer for Doctor Who Season 13, which has just aired on BBC One.

The short teaser, brought to you via @DrWhoSpace on Twitter, has a few short seconds of TV static in which Jodie Whittaker’s The Doctor fades in and out, asking, “Can you hear me?” in a panicked voice. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Even though this teaser doesn’t reveal much, and it just gives a few short seconds, it does suggest that a full trailer is close. It was shown just before the very popular British dance competition Strictly Come Dancing, watched by millions of people. That would suggest that BBC One wants to build up hype for the thirteenth season of Doctor Who and the trailer that is soon to come.

Even though the end will certainly be emotional, such as it is every time we have to say goodbye to The Doctor, we can’t wait to see how Jodie Whittaker’s run will come to an end. We still have no clue who the next Doctor will be, but that is also a reason to be on standby for any new information for Doctor Who lovers, and hopefully a new trailer soon.

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