Shadow and Bone: Does David Kostyk Die? What Happens to Him?

David Kostyk in Shadow and Bone Collage

The second season of Shadow and Bone ended before David Kostyk (Like Pasqualino) got Genya (Daisy Head) her ring with rubies, but he proved he was the best ruby she could ever hope for. Kostyk’s soft-spoken and seemingly clueless personality hides the genius and powerful Durast he is. He became a fan-favorite character when he sacrificed himself for Genya, but his fate is still unclear, so many fans wonder whether he is still alive or dead.

Despite sacrificing himself for Genya by taking on Kirigan’s Nichevo’ya on his own after hiding Genya in a dumbwaiter, there is no confirmation from the show that David Kostyk is dead. Genya found blood spattered on the walls after the Shadow Army was defeated and also couldn’t hear his heartbeat with her Heartrender powers. However, David Kostyk’s body was never recovered by the end of the second season of Shadow and Bone.

After his mistakes in helping the Darkling, Daving regained his senses and became one of Alina’s pillars in banishing the Fold. The most lovable thing about Kostyk is his loyalty and passionate love for Genya, which turned him into Shadow and Bone’s best romantic. Many questions remain about David’s skills and fate in the second season, so let’s delve into them.

Did David Kostyk die in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

Genya and Kostyk in the second army of Ravka

After the Darkling and his army of Nichevo’ya were defeated, Genya and the other protagonists couldn’t find David’s body. Genya couldn’t hear his heartbeat either, leading to her speculation that he was dead.

The general speculation from the show is that David might be dead, although it is difficult to write him off without a body to prove it.

Surviving a Nichevo’ya attack is not unheard of since Genya survived it when Kirigan thwarted her plan to escape, although it left her with permanent disfigurement and cost her an eye.


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David is a genius who can devise many ways to survive using his Durast powers to survive and his knowledge of Merzost. Surviving the Shadow army is, therefore, not completely impossible.

As for the heartbeat, without Baghra to amplify the range of her powers, Genya could only hear David’s heartbeat if she were close to him.

David left Genya the sketch of a ring and a ruby, proving his love for her and his interest in marrying her despite her scars. Therefore, David survived the attack long enough to create that sketch and could still be alive.

David disappeared after Kirigan was defeated in The Fold and only showed up in the second season while looking for Genya. He could therefore be the surprise appearance of future seasons or spinoffs of Shadow and Bone.

Is David Kostyk a Grisha?

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David Kostyk is a Durast that falls under Fabrikators as far as Grisha powers are concerned. Durasts use small science to manipulate solid matter in metals, glass, and rocks, which explains David’s ability to create and mold different tools.

David was able to seal Genya inside the dumbwaiter using his Durast powers to make it impossible for Genya to get out and the Nichevo’ya to go in.

He also created special gloves at the Small Palace for Alina to help her reflect light while training as a Sun Summoner. His research with Small Science makes him similar to the legendary Morozova.

His experiments are more important to him than his Durast powers, and he spends most of his time in his workshops, even in the books.

Who is David Kostyk in Shadow and Bone?

David and Genya in Shadow and Bone

David Kostyk is introduced as an expert researcher working under Kirigan at the Small Palace. It is later revealed that he was loyal to Kirigan alongside Genya and working to subvert the royal family.

On the surface, David looks like a real nerd, seemingly detached from the events around him, and he even admitted to Genya that he doesn’t understand half of what goes on around him.

In the books, David Kostyk honestly believed that Kirigan was working to save Ravka and eliminate the Fold until he realized that Kirigan was the Darkling and that he was worse than the royal family.

His feelings for Genya have guided most of his actions, with his redemption coming in the second season when he escaped from Kirigan and joined Alina against the Darkling.


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David Kostyk also made up for leaving Genya when he sacrificed himself to save her from Kirigan’s Nichevo’ya at the end of the second season.

The British-Italian actor Luke Pasqualino portrays the character, popular for playing D’Artagnan in The Musketeers. Despite having limited screen time in Shadow and Bone, Pasqualino’s performance was praised by many fans.

He brought out David Kostyk’s low social IQ, portraying an intelligent and compassionate character that perfectly brought the character to life.

What happens to David Kostyk in Shadow and Bone?

David Kostyk Shadow and Bone 1

David Kostyk’s fate remains unknown by the end of the second season after he fought Kirigan’s Nichevo’ya in a bid to save Genya Safin.

Genya concluded that he was dead because she couldn’t hear his heartbeat, which she used to track him, but no body was discovered despite blood being spattered on the wall.

Kostyk was introduced merely as a researcher and expert Fabrikator for the royal family working under General Kirigan in the first season.

He was secretly working with Kirigan to undermine the royal family, mostly because the king abused Genya. He was already in love with Genya while working at the Small Palace.

His romantic relationship with Genya became more obvious when they met in Kirigan’s camp, where Baghra was imprisoned.


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Kirigan wanted him to find a cure for the side effects of using Merzost, which was slowly killing him. Kostyk was uncomfortable working for Kirigan, but he stayed because of Genya.

David realized Kirigan was the Darkling and was more dangerous than the royal family. He escaped with Genya’s help, but Genya was caught by Kirigan’s Nichevo’ya.

While helping Alina Banish the fold and kill Kirigan, David reunited with the injured Genya, who had escaped Kirigan’s imprisonment with Baghra’s help.

Their final separation came in the final battle against the Darkling when he and Genya were trapped in the kitchen when Nichevo’ya attacked them. David planned to propose to Genya before sacrificing himself to the shadow army to save her.

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