Does Janice Survive at the End of Inside Man?

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There are a lot of imperfect characters in the Netflix series called Inside Man, and Janice seems to be one of them, as she is actually one of the more intriguing personalities in the storyline due to her overall distrusting yet clever nature. Of course, Janice was at the receiving end of most of the difficulties throughout the entire storyline because she was the one that was held captive by the vicar. So, does Janice survive at the end of Inside Man?

Janice survived at the end of Inside Man despite receiving numerous wounds and violent blows to the body, on top of the fact that she had been kept in the basement of the vicar for a while already. In fact, at the end of Inside Man, she actually approached Grieff in the hopes of hiring him to kill her husband.

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Janice except for the fact that she can be quite ruthless and isn’t necessarily the nicest person in the storyline. Nevertheless, even though she did have her own faults in the big mess between her and the Watling family, she survived her ordeal and is set to have an even bigger role if there is going to be a sequel to this series. Now, let’s look at what happened to Janice in Inside Man.

What Happened To Janice In Inside Man?

Inside Man is one of the newest series that follows the crime-solving theme that we often see in a lot of different shows. However, the thing about Inside Man is that it involves an inmate on death row as the person solving these crimes. And one of the most interesting things about it is that the inmate is in the US as he seeks to solve a possible crime that is happening in England.

The crime involves a math tutor named Janice, who was the one hired by the village vicar, Harry Watling, to tutor his son. At the start of the series, we saw the fact that the vicar was given a flash drive by Edgar, who was a local that frequented the church. And Harry knew that this flash drive contained porn, but he accepted it from Edgar anyway because of the fact that he was trying to protect him from the wrath of his mother.

Harry brought the flash drive back home, where it was accidentally opened by Janice. Ben, Harry’s son, wanted to take the blame for the porn inside the flash drive because he was trying to get on the good side of his father so that he would be allowed to attend a music festival. But what he didn’t know was that the flash drive contained child pornography instead of the usual porn.

janice and harry

Janice told Harry what he saw in the flash drive, and the vicar was quick to tell her that he was the one who owned the flash drive (even though it belonged to Edgar). As a vicar, he couldn’t sell out his own son and a man who needed help from him. That was the reason why he figuratively shot himself in the foot by telling Janice that he owned the drive. But the problem was that the math tutor didn’t believe him as she still thought that it belonged to Ben.

That was when things got worse because Harry had to get physical with her to prevent her from leaving his home. And he even accidentally pushed her into the basement of the home, where Janice was kept until Harry and his wife could find a way to resolve things.


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Janice, of course, was clever enough to find a way to make sure that Harry and his wife, Mary, were not on the same page. She was always known to be someone who didn’t trust people and didn’t have many friends due to the very fact that she understood how dark some people could be. And this was what led her to become clever enough to have dark thoughts as well, as she was able to find a way to make sure that her captors were not always on the same page in relation to what they wanted to do with her.

She pushed the Watlings to the point that they became so distressed about the entire situation, as all they wanted to do was to protect their son from someone who was going to report him and the entire family to the police. Janice even check-mated the family when she fooled Mary into sending an email to her sister so that she would become suspicious about what happened to her. And on top of that, she left Harry no choice but to try to poison her.

The problem was that Ben had become suspicious of his family as well, especially when he found out that Janice’s handbag was still in their home. He started snooping around until he discovered that Janice was in the basement the entire time. And that was when he also got locked in the basement together with her.

While Ben was in the basement, he found out that the entire fiasco all began because Janice thought that the child porn that was in the flash drive belonged to either him or his father. And everything happened while they were slowly getting poisoned by Harry using gas.

Due to the emotional state of distress that he was in, Ben had no choice but to clobber Janice with a hammer while they were both in the basement. And Harry eventually found out that they were both in the basement before Ben was killed by the gas.

Does Janice Survive At The End Of Inside Man?

While everything was happening in the Watling household, the thing was that Jefferson Grieff, who was over at the US prison, had sent Beth, who claimed to be Janice’s friend, to England to be the person that he needed to be on the ground while he was solving the case.

Grieff had already found a way of solving the crime as he sent Beth to Janice’s flat in England and sent the local police to the house of the Watlings (by fooling them that this was where he hid his dead wife’s head) because he realized that this was her last known location.

So, while Ben was panicking about what he had just done to Janice, Harry tried to clean up his mess. That was when he found out that Janice was still alive after getting struck in the head by a hammer and after sustaining numerous violent wounds to her body. And when Harry realized that she was still alive, he tried to finish the job to protect his son.


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Luckily, the police that Grieff had sent to their location were able to find Janice before Harry could kill her. As a result, Harry got arrested, and Grieff explained to him how he was able to solve the crime. And this was when he proved his point that everyone is indeed a murderer as long as they have the right reason and are caught on a bad day, as that was exactly what happened to Harry when he wanted to kill Janice for the sake of his son.

Of course, Janice survived the entire ordeal, as Harry even said that he never killed her. Still, his actions resulted in the death of his wife, who got run over by a truck when she found out that Ben could be in danger while he was in the basement. In fact, Janice even appeared in the post-credit scene of Inside Man when went to see Grieff himself.

inside man post credit.jpg

In that scene, Janice told Grieff that he wanted help with her dead husband. Dillon, who served as Grieff’s walking recording device due to his near-perfect memory, told Janice that they knew that her husband was still alive. That was when Janice said that she wanted him dead and that she believed that Grieff could help them with it. And this once again proves Grieff’s point that everyone is a murderer as long as they have the right reason to be one, as it appears that Janice is set to become a more important part of the storyline in a possible sequel to the series.

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