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Does Joyce Die In Stranger Things Season 4, & What Happens To Her?

Joyce Byers has always been a mainstay in Stranger Things because she was one of the characters that actually kept the show afloat during its early beginnings. She started out as a concerned mother that was looking for her missing child but eventually ended up becoming one of the more important characters in the entire narrative because she knows everything about the Upside Down and Eleven’s powers. But Joyce was able to have her own character arc in season 4. So, does Joyce survive the events of volume 2 of season 4?

Joyce doesn’t die in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2. But she was close to death when a Demogorgon cornered her and Hopper before Murray came to the rescue and burned all of the monsters with his flamethrower. Joyce was also able to safely return to the United States after her trip to Russia.

Of course, considering that Joyce has always been there from the very start, it is only right that she will also be there at the end of season 4 when the real fight begins. She has to be in season 5 because she was one of the characters that allowed Stranger Things to rise up from its humble beginnings. That said, let’s look at what happens to Joyce in season 4 of Stranger Things.

What Happened To Joyce In Stranger Things Season 4?

We know for a fact that Joyce has been one of the characters that had to endure a lot throughout Stranger Things. She had to go through her son, Will, going missing throughout season 1. On top of that, her love interest died in season 2. Then, in season 3, she started developing a relationship with Hopper, only to see him going missing and presumably dying at the end.

Nevertheless, Joyce got the biggest good news of her life in season 4 when she found out that Hopper was still alive and was being held captive in Russia. This forced her to go to Russia along with Murray so that they could rescue Hopper there. Things didn’t go the way they planned when they got betrayed by the man who was supposed to make the exchange for Hopper.

But Joyce was still able to make her way to Russia and infiltrate the Russian prison with the help of Murray. At the end of volume 1 of Stranger Things season 4, she and Hopper were able to reunite and see each other for the first time in almost a year when she rescued him from a Demogorgon that was supposed to eat him and the rest of the other prisoners that the Russians had kept.

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However, volume 2 began with Joyce, Hopper, Murray, Dmitri, and Yuri trying to find a way out of the Russian prison while the Demogorgon was massacring the Russian guards. They were able to find a way out through a small tunnel that led them out of the prison. After that, they were able to convince Yuri to smuggle them out of Russia so that they could go back home to America.

Yuri brought them to a hangar where he introduced Joyce and the others to her helicopter named Katinka. Of course, Joyce was very doubtful of Katinka’s ability to get them back to America because it was a small helicopter that had never been flown before. And that led her to call their connection back in the US to find a way to get home.

While waiting for Yuri to fix the chopper up and for their American contact to call them back, Joyce was finally able to have her long-awaited romantic moment with Hopper as they finally realized that they loved each other.

Moments later, they got a call from America, telling them about the development that was going on with the kids and their plan to have Eleven defeat Vecna/Henry/One. That was when Joyce realized that she needed to help the kids despite being hundreds of miles away from them. In that regard, instead of hoping to get back to America asap, she convinced the others to return with her to the prison so that they could kill the monsters there in the hopes that the hive mind back in the Upside Down would get hurt long enough to buy enough time for the children to succeed in their plan.

With that said, Joyce, Hopper, and Murray returned to the Russian prison while leaving Dmitri behind with Yuri to make sure that he worked on the helicopter so that they would have a way back home.

Does Joyce Die In Volume 2?

As mentioned, Joyce, Hopper, and Murray decided to return to the Russian prison so that they could kill the monsters there. This was a dangerous proposition that Murray wasn’t really agreeable with. So, does that mean that Joyce died in volume 2?

The good thing is that Joyce was able to survive the entire adventure in the Russian prison. But there were plenty of close calls that almost led to her death while they were there. The good thing was that they were all able to make it out of there alive.

Hopper came up with the plan of using the electric fence in the arena in the prison to their advantage so that Murray could fry the monsters with the flamethrower from above. He told Joyce to turn the electric fences on. Meanwhile, Hopper acted as the bait that would lure the monsters into the arena.

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While luring one of the Demodogs out, Hopper nearly died as the monster was about to eat his face. Luckily, Joyce was there to save him by zapping the Demodog. After that, she and Hopper were forced to run when they saw that the other monsters were tailing them.

They were able to lure all of the monsters to the arena, but they got backed into a cell by the Demogorgon, which was about to eat them. This was the closest brush with death that Joyce had at that point in the season. However, Murray came to the rescue by burning all of the monsters. The Demogorgon survived, only to be finished off by Hopper using a sword that he found in the arena.

After that, Dmitri and Yuri arrived in Katinka to rescue them from the Russian prison. It was never shown how they were able to get out of Russia and whether or not they actually rode Katinka all the way to America.

However, two days after the kids defeated Vecna/Henry/One and after the rift from the Upside Down caused an intense earthquake, Joyce and Hopper reunited with their respective kids all the way in Hopper’s cottage in the woods, which the kids were trying to clean up so that Eleven would have a place to stay.


Joyce had an emotional reunion with her kids, who realized that she never went to Alaska for a work trip but simply went there to find a way to rescue Hopper. But they were all thankful that Hopper was indeed alive and well all this time.

Meanwhile, after the reunion, Joyce, Hopper, and the kids were quick to notice that the weather in Hawkins had changed. That was when they saw that the rifts leading to the Upside Down had seemingly allowed a portion of that dimension to enter the real world. This was a teaser for the final battle that is to come in season 5. Of course, Joyce will be there to help Eleven and the kids out, just as she has done since the very first season.

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