Does Moff Gideon Have the Force? What About His Clones?


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Moff Gideon has always been the main enemy looming over the heads of the characters of The Mandalorian as he has been a thorn in the side of not only Din Djarin and Grogu but the other Mandalorians as well. Of course, his true goals came into light during the events of the season 3 finale of The Mandalorian when it was revealed that he was working on clones using Pershing’s research and Grogu’s relationship with the Force. So, did Moff Gideon have the Force?

From the start, Moff Gideon was never Force-sensitive, which was why he needed Grogu. He used Grogu’s genetics to create an army of clones with all of his innate abilities and Grogu’s ability to use the Force. As such, his entire research was geared toward making his clones the ultimate weapons.

During the early part of The Mandalorian, we thought that Moff Gideon was working to further the Empire’s goals of reviving Emperor Palpatine using Pershing’s cloning research and Grogu’s connection with the Force. But it came to light that he was furthering his own goals. So, with that said, let’s look at whether or not he has the Force and whether or not his clones have it.

Moff Gideon Doesn’t Have The Force

Ever since the series started, Moff Gideon as the most mysterious character in terms of his overall goals and motives in the storyline of The Mandalorian. That’s because, while we know that he was intent on making sure he got his hands on Grogu during the first two seasons, his actions didn’t seem to align with the Empire’s goals. He used the Mandalorians’ Beskar steel against them using the Dark Troopers. He was seemingly trying to consolidate power for himself instead of trying to work together with the other Imperials.

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Of course, Gideon’s actions were consistent with his personality of wanting power more than anything else. We know he is cunning, wise, and charismatic as an Imperial leader. And we saw him proving this time and time again in the Mandalorian.

Gideon was a dangerous opponent with enough power to strike fear into the hearts of the New Republic. He also had long-term plans and goals that made him even more dangerous. And he was also a skilled fighter that could use the Darksaber well enough in his fight with Din Djarin back in the events of the season 2 finale.

But while Gideon has always been smart, cunning, politically influential, and skilled in fighting, the one thing he lacked was the factor that allowed Emperor Palpatine to rise as the most powerful figure in the galaxy during the time of the Empire. Yes, we are talking about the Force.


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During the season 3 finale, Moff Gideon admitted that the Force was the one thing he lacked to become the most powerful being in the universe. A person’s sensitivity to the Force isn’t something that can be given to them because someone has to be born sensitive to the Force. It may be true that the Force exists in all living beings, but it is also true that only those sensitive to it can use it.

As such, Gideon, no matter how strong he is, was never born with the ability to use the Force. He was never sensitive to it from the start. And no amount of research was ever going to be enough for him to obtain this power because it is something that a person has to be born with for them to be able to use it. 

In a way, Gideon was trying to become as powerful as the emperor by trying to find a way to obtain the ability to use the Force. He already had Mandalore and its resources under his control. Gideon also created a new Dark Trooper suit that was strong enough to overwhelm both Din Djarin and Bo-Katan. And the force was the only thing he needed to become the most powerful being in the galaxy.

But His Clones Did

Even though Moff Gideon didn’t have the Force, he made sure that he could cover this by creating an army of clones modeled after his genetics but born/created with the ability to use the Force.

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This is where it all makes sense regarding the different things that Moff Gideon did throughout the events of The Mandalorian. He employed Doctor Pershing and his obsession with Kaminoan cloning to create his clones. But that wasn’t everything he needed because he still needed to find a way to give them the Force.

Pershing said during the events of episode 3 of The Mandalorian season 3 that he wanted to find a way to isolate some of the best traits of a person’s genes and then use them to create clones that had desirable traits. His knowledge made him a threat to Gideon, who used Elia Kane to erase his memories and knowledge of cloning. For Gideon, Pershing became a disposable piece of trash he no longer needed because he already got what he wanted.

Thanks to Pershing’s research, Moff Gideon was able to find a way to isolate a person’s desirable trait and use it to create his clone army. He used Grogu, a helpless young child with an incredible connection to the Force, for his experiment as he could isolate the child’s sensitivity to the Force and use it for his own benefit. That was the reason why he was so obsessed with getting his hands on Grogu from the very start.


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Once he had already got his hands on Grogu’s genetics, the only thing left was for him to break out of the New Republic’s custody and go to Mandalore, where he had a base waiting for him. Gideon created an army of clones with all his desirable traits and Grogu’s sensitivity to the Force. As such, he now had the one thing that he never had: the ability to use the Force.

It became apparent that his goal was to equip his clones with the Dark Trooper armor to create a hybrid of a Mandalorian warrior and a Sith. He never intended to work for the betterment of the Empire because he only wanted to consolidate power for himself. As such, when he had already acquired the means to create an army of clones with his desirable traits and Grogu’s incredible connection to the Force, he was supposed to be unstoppable and prepared to use his newfound power to take over both the Empire and the galaxy.

Thankfully, Din Djarin destroyed all of his clones and stopped his plans by defeating him with the help of Grogu and Bo-Katan. Moff Gideon’s dreams were set in flames when Axe Woves crashed his light cruiser into his base, killing him and destroying his base.

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