Does Murray Die In Stranger Things Season 4, & What Happened To Him?

Murray Flamethrower

When it comes to secondary characters in Stranger Things, almost no one could top what Murray Bauman offers to the table. Introduced as a side-character that only showed up whenever he needed to, he became an important part of season 4 when he basically acted the role of Joyce’s sidekick in her search for Hopper. We do know that Murray accompanied her all the way to Russia. But does Murray die in Stranger Things season 4?

Murray survives the events of season 4 of Stranger Things. In fact, he was instrumental in the overall victory of the kids when they attacked Vecna/Henry/One in the Upside Down. He was the one who torched the Demogorgon and the Demodogs in the Russian prison to affect the hive mind in the Upside Down.

The fact that Murray was able to survive against all odds was proof that he still has a huge part to play in the upcoming fifth season. Stranger Things wouldn’t be what it is without its resident conspiracy theorist. Now, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Murray in Stranger Things season 4 and how he was able to survive.

What Happened To Murray In Stranger Things Season 4?

One of the most interesting characters in Stranger Things season 4 was Murray Bauman because of how he ended up getting more screen time in this season. In the past, he only appeared whenever he was needed, but it was probably his dynamic with Alexei in the earlier season that allowed him to get more screen time in season 4.

In that regard, his role in season 4 was Joyce’s sidekick as she was able to learn about Hopper’s possible survival from the events that transpired at the end of season 3. We can even argue that his role was even bigger than Joyce’s because he was the one that could speak Russian and was responsible for disguising as Yuri so that they could infiltrate the prison where Hopper was kept.


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Nevertheless, they found themselves stuck in the prison with the threat of the Demogorgon still looming. Luckily, they were able to escape the prison through an exhaust opening that led them outside. And the next problem that they had to face after they were able to save Hopper and escape the prison was to get out of Russia.

This was when Murray and the others were able to convince Yuri to fly them out of Russia. Yuri took them to a hangar where he hid a helicopter he called Katinka, who no one thought would be able to fly them all the way to America. And that was when they made a call to America in the hopes that their friends working for the government could find a way to get them out of trouble.

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They learned from their contact with the government that the kids were on their way to try to stop Vecna/Henry/One from destroying Hawkins. Because Joyce and Hopper wouldn’t be able to reach their kids in time to help them, they decided to return to the prison so that they could distract the hive mind of the Upside Down long enough to buy the kids some time to kill Vecna/Henry/One. Of course, Murray didn’t agree to the plan but had no choice but to go with it.

In the prison, they found out that all of the Russians had died. Murray translated a dying Russian soldier’s final words as they found out that they accidentally let the particles and the Demodogs out of containment. That meant that the only way for them to affect the hive mind of the Upside Down was for them to kill the Demogorgon and the Demodogs.


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Hopper came up with a plan to trap all of the monsters in the arena where he was trapped earlier and keep them there by turning the electric fence on. He also gave Murray his flamethrower so that he could be the one to kill them while they were trapped in the arena. Meanwhile, Hopper was going to play the role of the bait.

Even though Hopper almost died if it weren’t for Joyce’s timely save, they were indeed able to attract all of the monsters into the arena. They nearly died there if it weren’t for Murray, who ended up burning all of them to a crisp while weakening the Demogorgon, which was able to survive the flamethrower onslaught. Finally, it was Hopper who finished the Demogorgon off with a sword that was left by one of the prisoners in the arena.

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After Murray used the flamethrower to burn the monsters in the arena, Hopper finished the job by killing the Demogorgon with a sword. But then, there was still the problem of getting home to America. Luckily, Yuri came through with Katinka when he was able to make her fly. We didn’t get to see how exactly they got home to America.


However, in the end, we did see Hopper and Joyce reuniting with their kids in Hawkins two days after the entire Vecna/Henry/One incident. While we didn’t see Murray with them, we could make the conclusion that he was able to survive because Hopper and Joyce were able to survive the trip home to America as well.

The only reason why we didn’t see Murray in Hawkins together with Hopper and Joyce is that he isn’t from there. In fact, he is originally from Illinois but found himself getting mixed up with the entire Upside Down problem because of his knowledge as a conspiracy theorist and former journalist.

Of course, the fact that Murray survived the entire fourth season means that the creators might have something big up in their sleeves for him, especially after giving him a much bigger role in season 4. It is more than likely that he will return in season 5 because that is the final chapter of Stranger Things.

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