Does Steve Die in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1? (& What Happened to Him)

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Stranger Things has always had a set of characters that have formed part of the main cast since the very first season. One such character is Steve Harrington, who has been on the show since season 1 and has quickly grown into a fan favorite because of his growth. In season 4, he got himself into a tough predicament when he entered the Upside Down through Watergate, and he had fans worried. So, does Steve die in Stranger Things season 4 volume 1?

Thankfully, Steve does not die in Stranger Things season 4 volume 1. His death was teased at the end of episode 6 when bat-like creatures in the Upside Down started attacking him. However, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie followed him to the Upside Down and killed the creatures that were attacking him.

It would probably be a big mistake for the showrunners if they were to kill off Steve. He is, after all, one of the most popular characters on the series ever since season 1. Then again, we have seen main characters dying in different shows in the past, and that means that Steve probably isn’t entirely safe from death, just like any of the other characters. So, let’s look at what happens to Steve in season 4.

What Happened To Steve In Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1?

Stranger Things isn’t a stranger (pun intended) to characters that have seen a huge growth in their own arcs ever since the first season. We all know that the main group of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will have all been together since the very first season and have grown significantly since then. But we also know that there are other main supporting characters that have always been there since season 1 as well.


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One such character that has seen his fair share of growth since season 1 is Steve Harrington, the pretty boy who bullied Jonathan Wheeler and the kids but ended up becoming best friends with the kids and a brother to them. We saw his growth in season 2 when he bonded with Dustin and became a mentor to him. Since then, this duo has become a favorite among different fans out there, as Steve has also become one of the most popular characters in Stranger Things, thanks to how his character grew quite massively since the first season.

In season 4, Steve reprised his role as the big brother to the younger characters, who are no longer kids because they are already in their freshman year in high school. Still, he acted as a protective, albeit reluctant, brother to them because he was always by their side throughout their investigation of Vecta and the weird things that were happening in Hawkins.

It was also during season 4 that a spark between Steve and Nancy was rekindled. For those who have forgotten, Steve and Nancy used to date, but this ended when Steve became a jerk and when Jonathan entered the picture and became Nancy’s new boyfriend. However, even as Nancy was still with Jonathan in a long-distance relationship throughout season 4, it looked like Steve and his ex-girlfriend were rediscovering the chemistry they once had. Still, they never kissed or did anything that would suggest that Nancy was cheating on Jonathan as the group continued with their investigation.

Stranger Things 4 Steve Nancy

While Steve, Dustin, and all of the others were investigating Vecta, they found themselves searching for a gate that could possibly take them to the Upside Down. They went over to the lake where they believed the gate was, as Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie got on a boat to search for this gate, all while leaving Dustin, Lucas, and Max on the shore.

Eventually, they got to the spot where they believed the gate was. Considering that Steve used to be on the swimming team in high school, he volunteered himself to investigate the gate. Shortly after diving, he found himself in the Upside Down. It was then and there that he saw bat-like creatures approaching him from afar to attack him.

Steve was able to fend off some of these bat creatures. However, they eventually swarmed him and started biting him as Steve was seen lying down on the ground, seemingly dying while the bat creatures were feasting on him. That was when fans held their collective breath because it looked like Steve was on his way to certain death as episode 6 of season 4 ended.

Did Steve Die In Volume 1 Of Stranger Things Season 4?

During the events of episode 6, we know for a fact that Steve was the first one to dive into the water so that he could investigate the gate to the Upside Down. Meanwhile, as Steve was in the water, the cops who were looking for Eddie were able to find the kids on the shore. This forced Nancy, Robin, and Eddie to dive into the water as well.


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Going back to what happened to Steve, he was last seen getting feasted on by bat-like creatures that he couldn’t fend off. However, thankfully, the trio of Nancy, Robin, and Eddie were able to follow him down to the Upside Down to save him. The four of them eventually killed off the bat creatures that were nearby before they needed to flee when a flock that was too big for them to fight off was about to arrive.

As they were in the forest fleeing from the bats, there were hints that Steve was going to die because he had lost a lot of blood from the attack. Thankfully, he didn’t die in both the attack and from the wounds he suffered from the Upside Down bats. And from the looks of it, it didn’t look like he was also infected by some sort of an Upside Down rabies coming from the bats.

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Fans were also collectively holding their breaths during the scene wherein they were about to escape the Upside Down through a gate that opened up in Eddie Munson’s trailer. That was because Steve was obviously going to be the last one to escape, as Eddie and Robin exited first. This made some fans believe that Vecna or any other creature was eventually going to catch them and prevent Steve from escaping.

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet because Nancy, as she was trying to climb the makeshift rope to escape the Upside Down, entered a trance-like state because Vecna invaded her mind. With Steve being the only one in the Upside Down to save Nancy because the others have already escaped, there is still a good chance that he could end up dying in the upcoming volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4. As such, while he is still alive at the moment, we can’t be too sure about what could happen to him when the final two episodes of season 4 hit Netflix on July 1.

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