Does Theo Die in First Kill & Who Kills Him?


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Even though First Kill is a series that revolves around the love story of Juliette and Calliope, who belong to different worlds, there are also interesting characters with unique backstories in this narrative. That includes Theo, who plays a huge part in the ending of the series and is going to be integral in the story of First Kill in the next season. But does Theo die in First Kill season 1, and who kills him?

Theo technically dies in season 1 of First Kill when he got mortally wounded during a fight with Elinor and when Juliette was supposed to give him a painless death by draining all of his blood. However, he didn’t die because he turned undead when he accidentally became a vampire due to Jules’s doing.

The fact that Theo became a vampire is one of the most interesting arcs in the entire series and is a story that should be quite intriguing when it comes to the future of this series. After all, the events surrounding him were what caused Calliope to break up with Juliette. So, with that said, let’s look at what happens to Theo in season 1 of First Kill.

Who Is Theo In First Kill?

Theo 2

The entire narrative of First Kill focus on the duo of Juliette Fairmont, who is a Legacy vampire, and Calliope Burns, who belongs to a family of monster hunters. A good part of the series revolves around their forbidden love story because they both belong to families that hate each other and are supposed to kill one another. Nevertheless, these two teenage girls found love in each other regardless of what their parents thought of their relationship.

But while First Kill heavily emphasizes the effects of this forbidden relationship between Jules and Cal, there are also interesting subplots that involve characters that are just as interesting as the main cast. This is where Theo comes in as one of the more important characters in the series because of his effect on the narrative. But who is Theo?

Theo Burns is the older half-brother of Calliope Burns and is the eldest son of Jack Burns. Due to his incredible abilities as a monster hunter and his great physique, Theo is regarded as a prodigy among monster hunters and was able to kill a lot of different monsters throughout his entire lifetime because of how good he is at his job. He started killing monsters during his early teen years and was always able to impress adult monster hunters.

During the series, however, it was revealed that he is not the son of Talia Burns but is actually her stepson. His mother was Jack’s first wife, who died while Theo was still just very young. However, Talia has been Theo’s stepmother since he was just seven years old.

What Happened To Theo In First Kill?

During the early part of season 1 of First Kill, Theo’s involvement in the story wasn’t that big because he merely added some color to the background events that were taking place while Jules and Cal were enjoying their relationship. Nevertheless, Theo became a bigger part of the story when he got a glimpse of what happened to his mother in the past while he and his family performed a severing ritual that was meant to cut the ties between Jules and Cal.

It was during that ritual that he realized that his mother was killed by a Legacy vampire. As such, he spent a good part of the first season trying to figure out who killed his mother. Because he realized that his mother was killed by a vampire, his disdain for monsters grew.

Meanwhile, his younger brother Apollo went out for a drink and met up with Elinor, who is Juliette’s older sister. Despite knowing that she was a Legacy vampire, Apollo was attracted to Elinor. They went to the bathroom to make out there and were quite possibly going to have sex.


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However, Theo found the two in the bathroom stall and caused a scene that resulted in a fight between the monster hunters and the Legacy vampire. Theo and Apollo were able to fight Elinor on par. But when Apollo was about to strike Elinor with a wooden stake, he missed and hit Theo.

After that, we never got to see what happened to Theo. The only thing we know was that Apollo called Cal to come to help him. Apollo was seemingly glamoured by Elinor because he couldn’t remember what had happened. 

Meanwhile, Juliette realized that this was Elinor’s doing as she ended up arguing with her. Jules went as far as tipping Elinor off to the police as the possible suspect in all of the killings that had been happening in Savannah. As such, Jules was able to find a way to keep the police away from Calliope while taking revenge on her sister.

Does Theo Die In First Kill?

While we didn’t see what happened to Theo right after that bathroom fight with Elinor, both Cal and Apollo were surprised to see him alive and well when they got home. He was at the dinner table together with the entire family. However, something weird happened because he realized he was transforming into a vampire.

The entire family eventually caught up to what was happening when Theo attacked them. This led to Jack restraining him. In fact, Jack wanted to kill his eldest son because he didn’t want him to live his entire life as a monster, which was the very thing that they all swore to kill. However, Theo eventually escaped.


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Before the family could kill Theo, Juliette came to his aid and told everyone that he was just hungry. Jules fed him some of her blood to calm him down as Jack was able to restrain him once again. That was when he decided that it was his responsibility as a father to kill him, only for Talia to tell him that she loves Theo as if she were her own son.

It was actually Talia who helped Theo escape once more but brought him to Oliver, who is Juliette’s weird and rebellious brother. The reason for bringing him to Oliver was connected to the fact that he turned his back on the entire Legacy tradition and had never killed anyone in the past. Oliver was in the best position to help Theo, who had become a vampire.

In that regard, Theo became the very thing he swore to take revenge on for the death of his mother. And the worst part about that was the fact that he never wanted to be a vampire because he only became one due to an accident.

Who Kills Theo In First Kill?

Jules 1

Technically speaking, Theo did indeed die. But it was not the accidental staking that ended up killing him. He was only mortally wounded after the fight with Elinor, but he was not yet dead. Theo was merely dying when Juliette found him.

The moment Jules found him asking for help, the only thing she had in mind was to drain all of his blood so that she could help ease his passing. Her goal was to give him a quick death so that he wouldn’t have to die due to the wound that he suffered. In that regard, it was Juliette who killed Theo in First Kill.


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But as we already explained, Theo never truly died because he turned undead. He became a vampire due to what Jules did to him, as she didn’t even think that he would become a vampire when she drained his blood. As such, he accidentally became a vampire.

It was the fact that Juliette accidentally turned Theo into a vampire that caused a rift between her and Calliope. Seeing her brother turn into a monster was what made Cal realize that this entire relationship with Jules had already affected her family. In that regard, she chose her family over Jules and not only broke up with her but also vowed to find a way to kill all of the Legacies. As such, Theo dying and turning into the undead made the series more interesting moving forward as we wait for the second season of First Kill.

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