Does Vigilante Die In Peacemaker? (& What Is His Fate)

Does Vigilante Die In Peacemaker? (& What Is His Fate)

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The new Peacemaker series introduces several new characters that are somewhat unfamiliar to DC fans because of how these characters are somewhat obscure in their own right, just like the titular character. One such character is Vigilante, who is Peacemaker’s self-proclaimed best friend and sidekick and is quite possibly his only fan. But does Vigilante die in the latest Peacemaker episode?

Vigilante does not die in Peacemaker. He got himself into prison in purpose so that he could get close to August Smith, Peacemaker’s father, to kill him and to give Christopher Smith some peace. However, Vigilante fails to kill White Dragon in prison and ends up getting released from jail.

His superhero name says it all, as Vigilante is simply a vigilante that kills people extrajudicially, especially if he believes that there is a good reason to kill that person. He attempted to do the same to August Smith, who himself is a trained killer. However, neither he nor Smith died in the latest Peacemaker episode while Vigilante was in jail.

Is Vigilante Going To Die In Peacemaker?

The Peacemaker show on HBO Max is full of characters that may be silly and wacky in their own right but are still very much interesting in their own unique way. While Peacemaker is indeed one of those characters, given the fact that he himself is the main character of the show, we can never forget about the other self-proclaimed superhero.

Vigilante is one of the other superhero characters that are quite interesting and unique because of the way he goes about his business. Of course, it is also interesting to note that Vigilante, who was revealed to be Adrian Chase, has his own personal views when it comes to crimefighting as well because, as Peacemaker’s self-proclaimed best friend and sidekick, he is also wanted for several counts of murder, which he did due to his own twisted view on what justice is.

In episode 3, he was able to prove himself quite useful when he was the one who pulled the trigger on Senator Goff’s family when Peacemaker froze out. We saw him getting captured after that, as Vigilante was getting tortured in front of Peacemaker to force Christopher Smith into spilling the beans, which he did not do. They eventually found themselves out of that mess with Vigilante just getting his pinky toe cut almost halfway through. 

That said, in episode 4 of Peacemaker, we got to see more of Vigilante outside of his crimefighting suit as we explored the more human side of both Christopher Smith and Adrian Chase in this episode. While much of the episode explored Smith’s upbringing and how the demons of his past have begun to haunt him, we also got to see more of Chase’s mindset as well.


Peacemaker Vs. Vigilante: Who Would Win and Why?

While Peacemaker was visiting his father in prison to tell him that it was his fault that he was in jail, we see Adrian Chase and Leota Adebayo having a moment outside as they were waiting for Smith to conclude his business with his father. In the conversation between Chase and Adebayo, the latter was telling Vigilante how terrible of a person August Smith is and how he was the reason why Peacemaker is as troubled of a man as he is, especially when you factor in his childhood.

As Adebayo was telling Chase how horrible the older Smith is, she was basically tapping into the vigilante side of Vigilante and was secretly goading him into killing August Smith, who is also known as the white supremacist villain named White Dragon. After realizing that Peacemaker, his best friend, would be better off without White Dragon, Adrian Chase decided that it was best to kill August Smith while he had the chance.

Vigilante, in a funny way, was able to get himself into prison almost instantly. And this set him up for an opening that would allow him to get close enough to August Smith so that he could kill his best friend’s father.

Leota Adebayo, back at the team’s HQ, mentioned that she sort of convinced Vigilante to kill August Smith in prison. An angry Clemson Murn chastised his entire team and told John Economos to find a way to get Vigilante out of prison because of the very fact that he was in danger as well. After all, August Smith, despite his age, is a trained killer that was responsible for training Peacemaker. But the difference between him and his son is that he is ruthless.

Meanwhile, in prison, Adrian Chase was able to get close to August Smith’s circle and found a way to anger the white supremacists. He beat up all of the goons surrounding Smith but was unable to goad the older man into a fight. August Smith was not willing to get into a fight with Adrian Chase because he knew that he could get himself into bigger trouble pending trial.

Before Vigilante could do something about White Dragon, the guards came in to grab them both and put them back into their holding cells, all while Adrian Chase was telling the old man that he was a horrible father. This meant that neither Vigilante nor August Smith died, although it could have gone either way had they decided to fight.

What Is Vigilante’s Fate?

After failing to goad August Smith into a fight, Vigilante failed in his mission of killing his best friend’s horrible father. And thanks to the efforts of John Economos, Adrian Chase was released from prison.

Waiting outside prison was Emilia Harcourt in a car telling Adrian Chase that she was there to bring him home. Upon entering the car, Vigilante had watery eyes as he told Harcourt that he thought he had made things worse.

Basically, Vigilante is still alive in Peacemaker, and that is what is likely going to stay the same in the next few episodes as we are not privy to James Gunn’s plans for the character. It might be possible for him to end up dying in the future, but, as of now, we don’t see that happening because he still has a bigger role to play. On top of that, Vigilante still has a lot of potential as a character in the overall narrative of the series.

Does Vigilante Have Healing Factor?

If you are wondering whether or not Vigilante has a healing factor and can heal fast enough, no, he does not have that power. Vigilante is like Peacemaker in the sense that he is only an ordinary human but with physical capabilities and training that surpass what normal humans are capable of.

In fact, throughout episode 4 of Peacemaker, Vigilante’s halfway-cut toe was a recurring gag as he consistently reminded Peacemaker that he got his toe cut for him. He was also in visible pain when he kicked one of the goons in prison using the foot with the cut pinky toe.

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