Dr.STONE: Here Is How Ryusui Came Back!

Dr.STONE: Here is How Ryusui Came Back!

Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series are its characters, and Ryusui Nanami is definitely among the more intriguing ones. In this article, we are going to tell you how Ryusui came back in the series, both when he was petrified initially but also later in the series during the Treasure Island Arc.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ryūsui Nanami is the son of the Nanami Conglomerate. Senku Ishigami revived him due to his navigation skills in water and air. He later became one of the Five Wise Commanders of the Kingdom of Science.
  • Ryusui was ultimately revived and de-petrified by Senku because he was an expert sailor. Senku wanted to make good use of his sailing abilities to pilot Perseus so that they could reach the source of Petrification.
  • Ryusui was later petrified again but was almost immediately depetrified. All of this happened in the Treasure Island Arc, and it was done in the most exquisite fashion imaginable.

Ryusui Nanami is an exceptionally important character without whom the story could not progress

Ryūsui had a passion for working on bottled ships since he was young. And there was no limit to how large he might expand his collection with his 100 million yen budget. Since he was young, Ryūsui had lofty goals, and the Nanami Conglomerate frequently found his aspirations ridiculous. When Ryūsui was in school, his uncle had had enough of his stories and told him to know when to quit. Ryūsui would always take offense at that statement.

Following their disagreement, Ryūsui’s allowance was cut to “a mere 1 million yen” by his uncle. Upon observing this meager sum of money, Ryūsui declares that he has no concept of surrendering and promptly sets out to gain additional funds to fulfill his desires. He began by investing in the financial markets, claiming that because people trusted the Nanami name, only he could induce growth in them. He would begin working out and training with a qualified trainer simultaneously.

Showing off his athletic prowess, Ryūsui wins 100,000 yen in the “Dodgeball or Burnout” Tournament Grand Prize while still in elementary school. Ryusui would eventually spend hundreds of hours playing various video games with friends.


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Instead of collecting bottled ships, Ryūsui began collecting real ones in high school. He even began captaining some of them, demonstrating his expertise at an early age. Ryūsui traveled the world in a boat, drinking, surrounded by women and friends, and blowing his money. After a few years, he started losing his media reputation. He would be referred to as the Nanami Conglomerate’s black sheep. Ryūsui would come under attack from the higher-ups in the Nanami Conglomerate, who said he was belittling the Nanami family name.

Another major wish of his is something with a hint of tradition. After completing the model, he informs Francois that he has created a motorized sailboat in 1:48 scale and hopes to obtain assistance in making the actual thing in the future. When the petrifaction occurred, Ryūsui attended Nanami Academy, his childhood and high school. It was a spectacular last posture before he got scared and left for thousands of years. With a smile on his face, he had his arm out in the air, poised to perform one of his signature motions—snapping his fingers. Since Ryūsui claimed to have been with Francois at the time of the petrification, he was likely about to issue an order to his butler.

He later became the first character to be depetrified twice

As we have explained above, he was petrified in a very specific manner, which was noticeable through his statue’s position at the moment it was discovered. By then, Senku and his allies had already discovered a way to depetrify people, so Ryusui Nanami was quickly freed once he was found. Why did Senku do it? Well, he knew that Ryusui was a very skilled sailor, much more skilled than anyone they had, and since he wanted to travel to the source of the Petrification using Perseus, Nanami’s skills would’ve been of extreme value.

Sure, as we’ve explained, Nanami was exceptionally flamboyant, and the transition did not go as smoothly as expected. Still, he was quickly accustomed to his new allies and quickly became part of the group. This is why Senku and the others could easily rely on him.

But, while he was freed like this, he was also the first character who got depetrified twice. Namely, during the Treasure Island Arc, Ryusui was petrified again by Kirisame for trespassing, and his statue was displayed as a warning sign. He thus became petrified again, but since he had, in the meantime, become a valuable member of the group, Senku, and the others would, of course, try to save him. And they did it exquisitely.


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Namely, Senku ordered Ryusui’s statue destroyed and, during the escape, delivered to him in pieces. He would then rebuild his statue and return it to its original state, thus reviving Ryusui again in a spectacular fashion. When this happened, Ryusui Nanami became the first character to be depetrified twice. But that was not it for him, as he ended up being petrified again when Ibara petrified the whole island, and once again, he was depetrified by Senku; this is how he spectacularly came back to the series more than once.

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